Moline Logs First Offer

College recruiters don't need directions to Mission Viejo high school. I would bet that they could find the Southern California school blindfolded. In 2005, Mission Viejo produced eight Division I football players. Who is the next star to come out of Mission Viejo? Is Notre Dame recruiting him? Does he have interest in Notre Dame?

Like most years, California is stacked with talented running backs for the 2006 recruiting class. C.J. Gable (Sylmar), Andre Harris (Taft), Stefon Johnson (Dorsey), and Rodney Glass (Notre Dame) are a few Notre Dame will be recruiting.

I recently spoke with C.J. Gables and I asked him who the best running backs in the state of California were.

"I'd say the guy at Mission Viejo has to be one of them," responded Gable.

Once again college recruiters will scurry back to the Southern California power to get a look at Chane Moline. Moline is a 6-1, 230-pound running back that was named the CIF offensive player of the year in 2005 as he rushed for 1,900 yards and 40 touchdowns.

What type of running back is Moline?

"I'm similar to Jerome Bettis. I'm a bigger back," said Moline. "I'm patient. I let the hole develop, and I'm always moving forward.

"Some schools are recruiting me as a fullback. Some are recruiting me as a tailback."

I asked Chane if he was ever surprised by his play when he sits down to watch his film, and if there were any plays that stand out to him.

"Yeah actually," he said with a chuckle. "We had a third and 26. I got the ball on a draw. I cut left out of traffic. About five yards shy of the first down, I stiff-armed one guy, just as this was happening, another guy came from the other direction and went low on me. I ended up hurdling him and breaking the other tackle. I got the first down as well. The play was named ‘Play of the Year' by someone."

Most fans that follow recruiting, especially the fans in California know that Chane's older brother Chase signed with UCLA as a defensive tackle a couple weeks ago. The two were very close growing up. I wanted to know if Chane's number was called on fourth down with the ball on the two-yard line, and the only thing standing between him and the goal line was his brother – would he score?

"Yep," he answered without hesitation.

You have to like that confidence, just as you have to like the player. Chane will have a number of options when he's looking at schools. I asked Chane if there were any schools that stood out at this time.

"UCLA, ND, Ohio State, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, USC, Texas A&M, Virginia Tech are the main schools I'm checking out," said Moline. "Ole Miss is my only offer right now."

"My parents would like me to stay in California, but they would support whatever decision I made," he responded when asked if his parents had a preference.

"I'd like to play with my brother, so UCLA may have an edge, but I'm going to look around and make a decision that's best for me. I am going to UCLA's junior day coming up on March 5th."

He mentioned that Notre Dame was recruiting him, but does he have any interest in playing football in South Bend?

"Yeah, I have a little interest in them. It's a good school," Moline responded.

Moline also said he had a 2.85 in his core g.p.a..

Moline doesn't appear to be too worried about the recruiting process right now. He knows a lot of players that have gone through the recruiting process, including his brother. I think he's fairly confident that the offers will come, but for now he knows he doesn't need to get overly excited. I think he'll look around at a number of schools, but I do think he is UCLA's to lose. Top Stories