Crum Impressed With Irish Visit

Dublin, Ohio has recently been kind to Notre Dame sending Brady Quinn, Chinedum Ndukwe, and basketball star Chris Quinn to the South Bend. The Irish appear interested in another Dublin, Ohio native, Clark Crum. The 6-7, 265-pound Crum recently attended Notre Dame's junior day. What did Crum think of his Irish experience?

Offensive tackle prospect Clark Crum said he was impressed with his junior day visit.

"It was nice," Crum said of the visit. "I had to leave early because I had basketball practice, but I liked it.

"I really liked coach Weis. He seemed like a really good guy. I met coach Ianello. He'll be my recruiting coach, and I met coach Latina. All of them seemed like really nice guys."

Crum's visit on Saturday wasn't his first to Notre Dame.

"I made a visit there last fall," he said. "I talked to Brady Quinn. He seemed to really like it there a lot. Ohio State, Michigan and Notre Dame are probably the three I'm most interested in."

Crum lists Indiana and Miami of Ohio as his two offers, and the Hooisers will likely see him soon.

"I'm scheduled for Indiana's junior day," Crum said. "I'm going to Ohio State's camp, Michigan's camp, and I'll probably go to Notre Dame's camp."

Crum did say he's a Buckeye fan.

"My family and I do cheer for Ohio State," he said. "But I'm not one of those guys that's just going to say I'm going to Ohio State. I'm going to look at all the schools and find the best school for me.

"Academics will be important. I have high academics standards for myself. Playing time will be important. The program will also be important. I also think I'll want to stay closer to home."

When will Crum be making a decision?

"I think I'm going to go with the flow," he said. "I'm not in any hurry to get it over with. I'll look at who they have on the offensive line, and who they recruited last year. I'm not worried about getting it over with."

Comments: Crum seemed to enjoy his vist. He seemed to be impressed with the coaches at Notre Dame. However, we believe that Ohio State is probably his top team right now. We'll check back with Crum soon to find out if he plans to attend Notre Dame's camp. Top Stories