Fidler Has Irish Roots

Look south of South Bend and you'll find Indianapolis, Ind. Look south of there and you'll find Evansville, Ind. If you look a little further south, across the Ohio River, you'll find a horse farm in Henderson, Ky. That horse farm is home to one of the top quarterbacks in the South, Will Fidler. Is Fidler interested in playing for the Irish? What family connection does he have to Notre Dame football?

The tall, rangy, 6-4, 205-pound quarterback from Henderson, Ky. put up monster numbers in 2005 as he led his team to the semi-state game. Fidler threw for over 4,000 yards and 46 touchdowns while only having 16 interceptions.

The Henderson County offense operates out of the spread offense. Some people have the opinion that since this offense is a quarterback-friendly offense that you can't judge a spread quarterback on his numbers. So I asked, Will Fidler his opinion on that line of thinking.

"I understand it. I don't take the drops that a quarterback does from under center, but a good quarterback is going to make plays in any offense," explained Fidler. "There are a lot of good quarterbacks that play in this style offense. If a coach wants to see if I can make the drops, I'll do it a camp. Just because a quarterback uses the shot gun, doesn't mean he can't take it from under center."

What type of quarterback is Fidler, and which quarterback would he compare himself with?

"I'm a drop back, pocket quarterback. I can move around," said Fidler. "As far as my style? I guess I'd have to say Tom Brady."

"I ran an electronic 4.8 40 at the U.S Army combine," added Filer.

Fidler mentioned the U.S. Army combine, and earlier he mentioned performing at camps, so I asked him if he has attended camps in the past, and if he had any plans to do so in the future.

"My uncle lives in Los Angeles so I've gone out there a couple times to work with a quarterback coach, Steve Clarkson," said Fidler. "While I was out there I went to the USC camp. I've been to the Kentucky camp; Michigan, Purdue, and the Notre Dame camps.

"I'm not sure which camps I'll go to this summer, but I'll likely go to one of the Nike combines."

Knowing that the Irish will be looking to sign a quality quarterback, I asked Fidler if he had any interest in Notre Dame?

"Yes I do," Fidler quickly responded." My cousin is Luke Petitgout (Notre Dame offensive tackle 94'-98'. New York Giants first round pick -- 1999).

"He actually just left. He just came out here to hang out; ride some horses and chop some wood."

Is Fidler planning to attend Notre Dame's junior day on February 27th?

"No," responded Fidler. "But I am planning on taking an unofficial trip up there in a couple weeks. I want to meet with coach Cutcliffe. At the junior day, I really wouldn't get a chance to get in a one on one scenario – this way I will."

All the recruits we speak to know about the coaching change at Notre Dame, but every recruit has a different view on the situation. I asked Will what his thoughts were about the change in coaches and what he thought about coach Weis.

"I'm pretty happy they hired Charlie Weis," said Fidler. "I don't know if Willingham got all the time he needed, but Irish fans are starved for Notre Dame football to return to the glory years. So it was probably the right time.

"Weis has an exciting offensive scheme. New England has great players, but he makes the players look good because he utilizes them properly. Just look at the results--it's amazing.

So does Fidler have a top five right now?

"My top five would be Notre Dame, Kentucky, Purdue Michigan, Auburn. Actually you can add Michigan State and Virginia to make it a top seven. Kentucky is my only offer right now.

Fidler reports a 3.2 GPA and a 22 ACT that he plans to retake.

Comments: Notre Dame allowed another Kentucky quarterback, Brian Brohm, to slip out of reach two years ago. Fidler is putting up similar type numbers as Brohm had in high school. Fidler has the Petitgout connection and I think he likes Notre Dame quite a bit. I definitely think he is a target for Notre Dame. We'll just have to see if Notre Dame offers. Top Stories