Booker Has Conflicting Emotions

Lorenzo Booker, the top prep star in the country, has strong feelings for all four finalists on his list. Read his brief school-by-school analysis here and form your own opinion on who the California tailback will sign with on Wednesday. Reminder, Tyrone Willingham's press conference at Notre Dame is set for 3 p.m. Eastern. IrishEyes will be there.

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February 5, 2002

Booker Still
Grappling with Choice

By The IrishEyes.Com News Service & TheInsiders.Com

(IE) – Notre Dame is legitimately in the hunt for the top high school recruit in the country. spoke with Lorenzo Booker of Ventura (CA) Saint Bonaventure Monday night and learned that the 5-11, 175-pound running back still has not made a final decision. It’s down to Notre Dame, Washington, Florida State and USC.

Booker, like so many recruits, is trying to sort out conflicting emotions. Does he go with his heart? That may mean Florida State. Does he go to the coach he has seemed to connect with best? That would be Washington. Stay close to home and be near his family and girl friend? Hello USC. Or is the exposure and aura of Notre Dame too impressive to pass up?

IrishEyes is predicting that Booker will be a Husky, but we’ll find out tomorrow. For now, read Booker’s school-by-school analysis and form your own opinion.

Florida State: "FSU is my childhood favorite and they have a tremendous winning tradition. Bobby Bowden. What more do you have to say? He's a legend. He's awesome!"

Notre Dame: "They have a great tradition, great academics and great exposure being on TV every weekend. The coaching staff is excellent. If I went there, it would be nice knowing that my lineman (Irish verbal commit) James Bonelli is going there too. He's a hard worker. He's put in three years of hard work to get where he's at and that just makes me want to work just as hard."

Washington: "Coach (Rick) Neuheisel. Wow. What a great guy. The system they run is an ideal one for me. They have sellouts every week and I know they are going to win. And they have lots of returning starters and the whole coaching staff is great. Coach Neuheisel has to be the biggest player's coach ever. I know a lot of coaches won't take the time to really get to know their players and get that involved, but he is a very hands-on coach."

USC: "Well, seeing the Annenberg school is impressive. Seeing it in person was great. Besides that, I already knew a lot of what was at USC, but it was great to learn more about the school. The coaching staff is energetic and I know I could go home on the weekends if I wanted to. They offer everything you would expect a hometown school to offer. I'm sure it's the same reason why Reggie Williams and Paul Arnold stayed close to home and chose Washington. It's so convenient."

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