Junior Day Focus--Robert Williams

The cornerback position will be a priority this recruiting season for the Irish and one player Notre Dame will be targeting is Robert Lamar Williams. Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Williams attended Notre Dame's first junior day and came away impressed.

"It was really nice," said Robert Williams about his visit to Notre Dame. "They made me feel like it was my home already. When I first arrived they already knew me, and that was really nice"

Like other recruits that visited, Williams had the opportunity to tour the campus, speak to his position coach, meet Coach Weis, attend a basketball game, and see a virtual tour of the new athletic center. Meeting the Notre Dame coaching staff and talking about his recruitment was the best part of the trip.

"The best part was getting to meet the coaches," said Williams. "They said they would like to recruit me, and that they will be looking at me this year. They said they loved my highlight video and that they wanted me to help them win a national championship."

Currently Williams has offers from Cincinnati and Boston College, but, along with Notre Dame, he is being heavy recruited by in-state power Ohio State. Williams attended Ohio State's junior day roughly three weeks ago and feels is was different from than his visit to Notre Dame.

"I went Ohio State's junior day and it was nice, but Notre Dame was different from OSU," said Williams. "At Notre Dame they talked about what an important part I was, the playing time I would receive, and the college degree. I also got to speak to the DB coach. He told me where he was from, where he had coached before, and how he became a coach at Notre Dame."

We asked Williams if he had any leaders at this point, and what important factors he would look at when making his final decision.

"I grew up an Ohio State fan. My liking of them may affect my decision a little, but we'll have to see. Right now my leaders are Notre Dame and OSU," he said.

"Key things for me when I make my decision will be the football program, the academics, because you need that to fall back on, and the coaching staff and how present themselves. They talked highly of academics."

Currently Williams is working on bringing his core g.p.a.up. He also plans on taking both the ACT and SAT in both March and April.

"I have a core g.p.a. of a 2.5. They told me they would like to see my get that up to a 3.0 because that would mean I wouldn't have score so high on the SAT or ACT. I haven't taken either of those tests yet, but I am scheduled to take the tests on March 7 and April 10."

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