Rolle talks Notre Dame

Every year New Jersey produces one of the best players in the nation and this year it's defensive back Myron Rolle of The Hun School in Princeton, New Jersey. Come signing day, Rolle will be able to pick any school in the country call home the next four years; Which schools have made his final list?

Although Myron Rolle goes to prep school in Princeton, the 6-3, 211 pound athlete calls Galloway(NJ.) home. Rolle describes Galloway as, "the best city in New Jersey".

"The people are great; it's great place to hang out and it's home to the Rolle family," he said.

Rolle is very found of Galloway, but it's unlikely that he'll be living there in the coming years, so the question that will need to be answered is where Myron will call home the next four years.

It's early in the recruiting process, but he has already narrowed his list down to five schools: Florida, Florida State, Miami (FL), Oklahoma and Michigan. Notre Dame was one of those schools last year, but since has fallen off. I asked Rolle why he wasn't considering Notre Dame at this point.

"I visited Notre Dame with my family last year, and really liked the school. We toured the facilities, met some players and coaches, and came away really impressed," explained Rolle. "Coach Willingham was there, and he sat down with us for two hours. I really liked him. I think I really connected with him. I enjoyed the conversation and I was very impressed. Notre Dame ended up changing coaches, so everything changed for me.

I asked Rolle if that meant the door had been closed for Notre Dame.

"It's still early, but I'm really going to concentrate on five schools at this time; Florida, Florida State, Michigan, Miami (FL) and Oklahoma," responded Rolle.

"Charlie Weis did call my coach a couple weeks ago," Rolle continued. "Whether it's Notre Dame or another school, my coach has stressed that I should always keep my options open, so I called coach Weis back and spoke to him for about 20 minutes."

"I thought it was an outstanding conversation. He was upfront which I really liked. He seemed grounded and he knows what he's talking about, that's for sure. You can tell he's a winner."

"He told me that I was one of his main priorities and that he was going to personally recruit me," added Rolle. "For a head coach to recruit you, that has to get your attention – impressed."

While Myron did enjoy the conversation, he stopped short of saying that Notre Dame was back in the hunt, but Weis at least got his ear and Rolle will be willing to keep an ongoing dialogue.

Rolle was pretty impressed with Tyrone Willingham, so I was interested as to why Washington wasn't hadn't made his top five schools.

"Washington has sent me a bunch of stuff, but that's a long trek," responded Rolle. "I went to USC last year to check it out and it was just too far for me."

With an athlete of Rolle's size and ability there are a number of positions that he could play. Where are college coaches talking about playing him?

"Most schools are recruiting me on the defensive side," said Rolle. "Coaches have talked about cornerback, safety and it's even possible that I could grow into a LB. I really don't care where I play, I just want the chance to get out on the field and make plays"

I asked Myron to say the first thing that came to mind when I mentioned each of his favorites.

Florida – "The Swamp"

Michigan – "Big House"

Oklahoma – "Stoops"

Florida State – "Dion"

Miami -- "The U"

I didn't ask him to say what came to mind when I mentioned Galloway, NJ., but I imagine it would have been "home".

Comments: Myron couldn't have been more impressive. He's intelligent, well spoken and even better, he's forthright. He is absolutely a Notre Dame kid, but unfortunately for the Irish faithful, it appears that Myron has his top five teams in place and Notre Dame is on the outside looking in. Coach Weis is going to try to get ND back in the hunt, but I'm not sure if it's possible. Top Stories