Chicago Receiver Back in Play for Irish

Carl Fisher, a 6-1, 199 pound wide receiver from Bolingbrook High School (Ill.) decided to take Notre Dame up on their offer to attend the junior day on February 27th. What coaches did Fisher meet with and what is his impression of coach Weis' offense? Where do the Irish stand after the visit?

Notre Dame found a star on the stage a few years ago in the form of current Irish running back, Darius Walker. Walker enjoyed performing in his school's plays and eventually made his way to South Bend. Like Walker, Carl Fisher enjoys acting and getting a chance to play different roles. This weekend Fisher will be performing in Bolingbrook High School's version of Beauty and the Beast. It will be Fisher's sixth play in which he's participated. Also like Walker, Fisher is going to make his impact on the football field.

Fisher has the measureables that college recruiters covet and they are certainly taking notice, as all the schools from Big Ten country are descending on Bolingbrook High School. I asked Carl to talk about the schools that he was interested in that were recruiting him.

"I grew up a Michigan fan. My dad liked Michigan so I just picked it up from him," responded Fisher. "I haven't been to Ann Arbor yet, but I am planning on going to their camp and then hopefully a game next fall. I've gotten some mail from them, but I would like to hear more."

"Northwestern has very good academics and they are a program on the rise. They're also close to home. And I am going to their camp this summer as well.

"Ohio State – I like the prestige of the program, and they attract great talent. They won the national championship a couple years ago and I like their coach.

"Illinois is the in-state school. They have an entirely new staff and coach Zook seems like a good coach. Plus, I have a sister that goes to U of I.

"Wisconsin, is close to home. I haven't been to the campus, but I've heard really good things about it. I've vacationed up in Wisconsin and I really like it.

"Iowa -- I know a couple people at Iowa like Ryan Bain. I'll probably camp there.

"Notre Dame – I just went to their junior day, and it was wonderful. The school has a lot of tradition, the coaches were all excellent – the whole day was just a lot of fun. They have a new staff and I think that's a very big positive for them."

Although South Bend is relatively close to Bolingbrook, this was Fisher's first trip to Notre Dame. Like many of the recruits that attended the junior day, Fisher seemed to enjoy meeting the coaches the most.

"I thought coach Weis was really nice," said Fisher. "He was positive and very passionate about the school. He definitely sounds like he knows his stuff.

"I really, really like his offense and he knows how to throw the ball," he added.

"Coach Ianello had that same passion about Notre Dame and the football program. He seems like a pretty good guy. I knew of him a little from when he was at Wisconsin. Coach Ianello talked about how they would be losing some wide receivers, so they would be shallow at the position.

"I met Maurice Stovall," he continued. "He's really big -- really nice guy though. We talked about the coaches and what they were doing in the off-season.

"Iowa State and Utah have offered," said Fisher.

I asked Fisher if there were any chance he could play on the defensive side of the ball.

"I'm going to get a chance to play cornerback this year," he responded. "It will be situational, but I'm excited to get the chance to play defense."

Carl will be a captain for the Raiders next year. Carl spends extra time in the weight room as he competes on Bolingbrook's competitive power lifting team. He did mention that the team is really focused and that they are working very hard in the weight room during the off-season.

In addition to Fisher, Bolingbrook has several other players that will get Division I attention this fall: Wide receiver Sean Hughes, Maurice Hill (defensive line), Jovan Stewart (quarterback), P.J. South (defensive line), Dominique Collin (running back), Dale Marin (junior running back).

Comments: I really think Notre Dame was out of the picture for Fisher a couple months back. The new coaching staff said that they are going to go after the talent in the Chicago area and Fisher is evidence that they are doing just that. I think Notre Dame is still behind a couple other schools, but they will have time to make their case to Fisher. Top Stories