Quinn Can't Wait to Get Started

No single player will probably benefit more from the coaching change than Irish quarterback Brady Quinn. Quinn has had some success as a Notre Dame quarterback so far in his early career, but under the tutelage of Charlie Weis and David Cuttcliffe, many Irish fans think Quinn's career will explode. Quinn had a hard time holding back his excitement for a new beginning at the recent media day.

"I'm pretty excited about it," said Brady Quinn of spring practice starting. "We obviously have a great coaching staff here, and we've got a lot of players returning. You really want to just get out there and get started."

The new Irish offense will be very similar to the New England Patriots' offense according to Quinn, and the sophomore is hoping to become another Tom Brady in this offense.

"I think it will be pretty similar to how they run things," Quinn said of the Patriots. "I think that's his philosophy. I think Tom Brady did exactly what coach Weis wanted, and that's why they're so successful. I think he was a great example of what a quarterback needs to do in this offense."

One big positive for Quinn and the Irish offense is the return of all five starters along the offensive line.

"Yeah, those big guys up front, and you can throw in a sixth with Dan Santucci working in there," said Quinn when asked if the learning curve will be helped with the big boys returning up front. "It gives me a great deal of confidence, just from the fact that I know I'm going to be protected well.

"I know those guys, watching them in the weight room, they're working hard and getting better and better physically, and I think this spring as a unit growing together."

The Irish will likely be without quarterback coach David Cutcliffe this spring. Quinn said, while he's disappointed, he just glad his new coach will be OK.

"It's an extremely unfortunate situation," said the Dublin, Ohio native. "I thank the Lord that he's healthy and that he's going to recover. That's one of those things that whenever he's healthy and ready to come back, we'll be glad to see him, and I'll again be looking forward to working for him.

"Because of our position, because we have to be an extension of our coach out there, I think we do hold the closest relationship out there. Not having him, I don't want to say it sets us back, but it will be a little bit of a transition.

"Hopefully we'll be able to get through the offense well. I think we'll be fine with coach Weis," Quinn said with a laugh. "Obviously, it's his offense so he knows everything. It will be good to work with him."

Quinn did admit that he'll likely have to adjust to a little different coaching style, as Weis is, let's say, a little more vocal that Cutcliffe.

"Yeah, I think there's a little bit of difference there between their style," Quinn said with a big laugh. "Either way, I'm used to it. I think both guys will be good for us."

One of the reasons Quinn was able to start most of the games of his freshman season was his willingness to bury his head in the playbook. The junior-to be said it's like his freshman season all over again.

"Every day, obviously that's something you've got to keep your head in every day, and be looking over, studying and drawing up plays," he said. "Just going back to what I was doing as a freshman, working through it every day. That's the only way you can get to know it is practice, practice, practice. That's how I learn the best."

Quinn is known as a competitor, and many of Notre Dame's passing records will certainly be in reach for him under this new coaching regime. We asked him if the records were part of his goals for the next few seasons.

"You never want to focus on that, but it's something you want to shoot for," Quinn said. "That's something that will hopefully come with this offense, and having success with this offense."

If Quinn breaks the records; he'll be breaking the many records held by former Irish quarterback and current Director of Player Development, Ron Powlus. Powlus, newly named to the position, will likely be a good sounding board for Quinn as he finishes his career at Notre Dame.

"I've gotten to talk to him a little bit," Quinn said of Powlus. "He got in just recently, and he's been bombarded with a lot of things with recruiting and all of that. I haven't got to talk to him as much as I'd like, but I'm sure once summer comes, and the rest of this spring comes, I'll be able to speak with him more."

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