Fasano Thrilled to Get Back on the Field

Tight end Anthony Fasano is more than ready for football practice to begin. Fasano is a hard-nosed player who earned a starting position last year due to his pass-catching and blocking abilities. Fasano played in 11 games in 2004, and was the second leading receiver with 27 catches, for 367 yards, and four touchdowns. Irish Eyes talked with Fasano this week about the upcoming spring practice.

Junior tight end Anthony Fasano had an outstanding junior season despite missing time with an injury. Fasano should flourish in the new Charlie Weis offense as the new Irish coach is a master of playing to a team's strengths—something that Fasano definitely adds to the Irish offense.

Fasano said the entire team is looking forward to spring and that they have had quite a change in winter workouts.

"Winter conditioning is going well really well. I think the first couple of weeks that coach Mendoza came in, it was a little different for us and a big learning process," Fasano said.

"We weren't doing as much weight as we normally were as we worked on getting techniques down, and I think everybody has that now and we are starting to reap the benefits of the new program. Everyone after a long and unique off-season is ready to get on the field and really see what the coaches are about."

The junior tight end admits he's excited about what the future holds with his new offense.

"I want to be the best player I can and continue to progress and to help the offense and team out as much as I can," Fasano said. "I'm excited to get on the field and see what these coaches are like football-wise. I just want to get a good base for the offense and work on my overall technique in the blocking and passing game."

The Verona, New Jersey, native said he got excited about the possibilities once he saw the playbook.

"I think we are all capable of handling it. It's going to take time," Fasano said of the playbook. "It's definitely going to work for us, and I was excited after I saw the playbook. It's definitely a very complex system.

"I think we are learning it in the right way, slowly, but surely. We have learned a lot of stuff already. I was pretty excited with the creativity that it has in it.

"I think everyone is pretty excited about it. I've watched some of the Patriots games, and after seeing the playbook, I think the tight ends are going to be a big part of this offense, and I'm excited about that."

Fasano also says he's excited to work with the new coaching staff.

"I am really happy with what I have experienced so far. I'm excited to see them on the field as a lot changes when you get on the field," said Fasano of the new coaching staff. They are great guys off the field so far.

"They are learning the play book with us, and that makes it a little bit easier and a little more friendly. Everyone, I think, is really excited about them. Everyone, after a long and unique off-season, is ready to get on the field and really see what the coaches are about."

Irish Eyes expects Fasano to be a major part of the new offense next season.

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