Odrick Up to 15 Offers

Two-way player Jared Odrick has had a busy spring. The 6-6, 285-pound Lebanon, Pa. native has made the rounds at various junior days, and has had a ton of mail to sift through. Irish Eyes spoke to Odrick on Monday night to find out his future plans regarding recruiting. What did Odrick have to say about Notre Dame?

When you're 6-6, 285-pounds, and athletic enough to be recruited as a defensive end, top colleges will find you, and they've found Jared Odrick.

"I have 15 offers right now. I'm not sure I can remember them all," Odrick said. "Penn State, Iowa, Duke, Akron, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Pitt, U. Conn, Georgia Tech, and Boston College."

Odrick had an impressive junior season sparking much of the interest from college coaches.

"I had 80 tackles, 7 1/2 sacks, and I didn't allow a sack all season," Odrick said when asked his junior stats.

"We run the flexbone, so we're more of a run oriented offense. I'm getting recruited by some schools as an offensive lineman, and some schools are saying defensive end. I prefer to play defense."

The top prospect has also hit a number of junior days recently.

"I've been to Virginia, Penn State, Pittsburgh and Maryland," he said. "I really liked it at all the schools. They all were impressive.

"My family has talked about going to see a bunch of schools in the future. I want to go check out a few practices. We just don't have a plan yet. We've talked about going on a Midwest tour, and going to see some schools down South."

We asked Odrick if he's been hearing from Notre Dame.

"Yeah, I get something from them about every other day," he said. "I don't believe I've talked to them on the phone.

"I'm definitely interested in Notre Dame. They send me stuff all the time. I've had a few handwritten things. It's mainly about Charlie Weis and the success he's had in the NFL. They also send stuff about their tradition, but I already know a lot about that."

Will Odrick make an early decision?

"I'll probably take all my visits," he said when asked when he might decide. "I'm going to take as much time as I can because I'm going to spend the next five years there."

Odrick carries a 2.9 in his core, and says he plans to major in business of sports management in college.

Comments: Odrick seemed to have some interest in Notre Dame. We think he'll likely stop by Notre Dame sometime this spring or summer. I don't think we'll know his true interest in the Irish until after he makes a visit to South Bend. We'll check back soon and see if he plans to visit.

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