Cox Wants to Visit South Bend

With the addition of Mike Haywood to the Notre Dame staff, the Irish will likely once again be hitting Texas to look for recruits . Perrish Cox, a 6-0, 185-pound cornerback from University high school (Waco, Texas) will likely be one of the Irish's main targets. What is Cox's impression of Notre Dame? Is he interested in heading north to play football?

There aren't many football players that stand six feet tall that have the speed and quickness to play cornerback at the college level. College recruiters think Perrish Cox has that ability, which is why there has been a flurry of activity in the early stages of his recruitment.

"There are a whole bunch of schools recruiting me right now," said Cox. "But the schools I'm mainly interested in are Texas Tech (offer), Texas A&M (offer), Baylor (offer), Colorado State (offer), Arizona (offer) and Oklahoma (offer). I'm also interested in Notre Dame and LSU but they haven't offered yet."

"USC just sent me a hand-written letter," he added.

I asked Perrish if Notre Dame had been active in recruiting him, and what he knew about the new coaching staff.

"They've been staying in contact with me," Cox responded. "They send me stuff on the school, the campus and information about the coaching staff.

"I know one of the coaches came from Texas (Mike Haywood), and I know the head coach (Charlie Weis) just came from the Patriots."

Cox mentioned that he had received one letter from the old coaching staff, but Notre Dame really picked up the recruiting effort when the new staff took over. The question is, does he have sincere interesting moving north to play football?

"Yes sir. I'm definitely planning on taking one of my official trips to Notre Dame," Cox said.

The Waco, Texas native plays both wide receiver and cornerback and has done so for several years. Last year he had nine interceptions on defense. On offense he has 47 catches for 674 yards and 11 touchdowns. Is there a question as to where he'll play in college?

"I'm getting recruited as both," said Cox. "Some schools are recruiting me as either one. Just get me on the field and I'll make it happen – I'll do my thing. Wherever the coach wants me to play, I'll go out and play.

"I guess if a coach let me pick, I'd choose corner," he added.

"I like to talk mess when I'm out there. I like to get in people's head. If I mess up or they make a play, they know I'm out there and that I'll get my revenge."

Perrish said that he really didn't have a favorite school growing up, and that he really doesn't watch other cornerbacks too closely, so he couldn't compare his style to anyone.

Perrish does have a cousin, Derrick Johnson, that just finished playing football for the Texas Longhorns. Although he does have that link to the Texas program, it doesn't appear that the Longhorns are high on his list.

Cox will be attending the Nike combine in Texas, but other than that, he does not have plans to attend any football camps at this time.

When asked his g.p.a., Cox said "I haven't checked with my Counselor, so I really can't tell you what it is right now."

Cox will be taking the SAT in June.

Comments: Perrish is brash, but in a good way. His level of confidence is what Notre Dame needs. I believe it's the type of attitude that the new staff likes. If his grades are in order, and he does well on the SAT, I'd say that Notre Dame would have a very good shot at landing Cox. Top Stories