Frazer Set For Second Irish Visit

Mechanicsburg, Pa. quarterback Zach Frazer has had a busy spring visiting a number of colleges. The 6-5, 210-poud Frazer is set to visit Notre Dame for a second time starting today. We spoke with Frazer on Monday to get an idea on what he was hoping to see at Notre Dame on his second visit to South Bend.

Quarterback Zach Frazer is excited about his second visit to Notre Dame.

"I'm heading to Notre Dame tomorrow," said Frazer of his plans. "I'll be there Tuesday, Wednesday, and then I fly out Thursday."

Frazer already visited South Bend a few months ago for one of Notre Dame's junior days. We asked Frazer why he felt the need for a second visit to see the Irish.

"I want to get a real good tour of the place," Frazer said. "The last time I was there we only got to see the football stuff because there wasn't enough time to go see everything, and the coaches were really busy with other recruits as well.

"I want to meet with an academic advisor and talk about the academic part of it. I'm hoping I can sit in on a class just to see what that would be like. I just want to get a tour of the whole place and see how comfortable I feel some students and just get an idea about Notre Dame."

His visit won't be all about academics according to Frazer.

"I'll also spend a lot of time with the coaches, obviously," he said.

"I want to sit in on some of their meetings and some of their practices and see how they coach. I want to watch a few practices and just get an idea of what it's like to be not just a Notre Dame football player, but a student as well."

Comments: Frazer spending over two days on Notre Dame's campus has to be a very good sign for the Irish. We'll follow up with Frazer on Thursday to get an idea of how his visit went. Top Stories