Chicago Area Prospect Likes Irish

<p>Plainfield (Ill.) high school offensive lineman Perry Dorrestein (6-7, 285 pounds) is another Chicago area recruit that the Irish staff has on their recruiting radar. He has already visited South Bend once this year and plans a return trip. What makes Dorrestein such an intriguing offensive tackle prospect?

Perry Dorrestein didn't start playing football until his freshman year. It was due to the urging of friends that he decided to give the sport a shot. Now, two years later, the top programs in the Midwest are taking notice.

"I was basically a soccer and basketball player. I was big so people told me I should give football a try," explained Dorrestein. "I did okay my freshman year, but then during my sophomore year I think I really started to develop into a pretty good player."

Being exposed to soccer since he was five years old is probably what makes Dorrestein such an intriguing offensive tackle prospect. At 6-7, 285 pounds, he now has the agility and coordination that many young offensive linemen lack.

"I think my strengths are my pass blocking and my ability to pull (agility)," he explained. "I like to run counters and sweeps. I like plays to the outside where I can work to the outside and hook a guy.

"I think my strengths are that I'm stronger, quicker, more agile than other guys. I like to workout and a lot of guys don't. I work out five times a week, and I do a lot of explosive lifting. I think that makes a difference.

Now that he has dedicated himself to football, Dorrestein is seeing his hard work pay off.

"My first recruiting letter was from Iowa, back in November," said Dorrestein. "Recruiting has really picked up the last couple months. Now I probably get seven or eight letters a day and schools are inviting me to a bunch of different things. I'd like to see as much as possible, but there are some many things going on, I'm just trying to get a plan set.

So far Perry hasn't had a chance to make many visits, but the recruiting wheel is in motion.

"I grew up a fan U of I (Illinois) and my sister just graduated from there," said Dorrestein. "I haven't spoken to the new coaches at Illinois yet, but I do plan on doing so shortly.

"I went to Purdue for a junior day and that was great," explained Dorrestein. "Their staff was very hospitable. I spoke with coach Tiller for a while, and that was a really good experience.

"I'm going to get over to Northwestern. I'd also like to get to Iowa and Wisconsin. Boston College asked me to come out but that's a long drive and I couldn't work that out.

The Plainfield (Ill.) native did visit Notre Dame for the initial junior day on February 27th, and came away impressed.

"As soon as I visited Notre Dame, I became really interested," explained Dorrestein. "I really liked the coaches. I liked the small size of the campus--it had a unique atmosphere.

"I did get a chance to speak with coach Weis. I like that he was blunt. I think football coaches need to be that way. I think that's what I noticed most--that and his hand was weighted down with the huge ring.

"Since the junior day I've spoken to coach Ianello. I called him just to stay in touch and update him on how things are going on my end. I was trying to go to the spring game, but the Army All-Star combine is the same weekend so I won't be able to make it.

"I didn't get a chance to speak with coach Latina, but I'm looking forward to that. Coach Ianello said they'd be in contact with me in May," he added

While Perry won't make it to the Notre Dame spring game, he does plan on attending the Adidas camp held at Notre Dame on May 28th. He also has plans on attending the Notre Dame summer football camp.

Dorrestein reports a 4.5 g.p.a.. He will take both the ACT and SAT in the next few weeks.

Comments: Dorrestein hasn't had a ton of exposure; while he doesn't have any offers, don't be surprised if that changes rapidly once he starts attending some of the combines. The Notre Dame staff is doing a solid job recruiting the Chicago area. They have identified Perry and they like his potential. Top Stories