Irish Eye North Carolina Cornerback Prospect

If Notre Dame is going to be successful in the years to come, the Irish staff are going to have to provide coach Bill Lewis with some talented players to work with in the Irish secondary. Last year the Irish didn't sign any cornerbacks, which makes the position a priority for the next class. Have they found a prospect in North Carolina for the 2006 recruiting class?

At 6-0, 185 pounds, Mocksville, NC. product, Raeshon McNeil has good size for a cornerback and his ability to make plays has caught the attention of the Notre Dame coaching staff. He recently received a surprise offer from the Irish.

"I'm definitely interested in Notre Dame," explained McNeil. "They just started recruiting me about a week ago. Before that I didn't even know they were interested in recruiting me. In fact, I'm not sure how they even saw my film.

"Coach Weis talked to my coach about me grades, and said if everything he said about me was true then they wanted me to play football for them," McNeil said. "We faxed him my transcript, and coach Weis verbally offered me a scholarship. Then on Monday, the offer (written) came.

McNeil admitted he was very surprised by the Notre Dame offer, but he was very excited. He seemed to be very impressed with the conversation he had with coach Weis and defensive back coach, Bill Lewis.

"The fact that they are looking for high character guys, that impressed me," explained McNeil. "He (Charlie Weis) was the offensive coordinator for the best team in the world for the last couple years. You can tell he knows the game. I believe he'll do great things at Notre Dame.

"I'm very impressed with his background. It was real exciting to get an offer from a big-time program especially when they weren't really recruiting me.

"I also had a chance to speak with coach Lewis," he added. "He has a great background coaching in the NFL. He coached at Wake Forest as well. I liked what coach Weis said about him. He said his offense (New England) could pass on any secondary in the league, except coach Lewis'. So he figured that it was best to get the best on his coaching staff.

"So right now, Notre Dame is definitely one of the top two programs that have offered. I'd say that they're right up there with Virginia.

Raeshon has taken a number of official visits, and wasn't certain when he'd have an opportunity to make a trip to Notre Dame, but he did say the Irish coaches were going to make a trip to visit him in May.

Besides Notre Dame and Virginia, McNeil is being heavily recruited by Wake Forest (offer), Duke (offer), Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Ohio State, Clemson, Nebraska, and North Carolina.

McNeil has had time to make a trip to visit Tennessee, Virginia Tech and Virginia, and he shared his thoughts on each school.

"Virginia has turned their program around. I like the players and I have a very good relationship with the coaches," McNeil said.

"I really liked Tennessee. The facilities are great. You can't get better than their tradition, and I think they have great coaches.

"I went to Virginia Tech for a junior day. It was really nice. They have a great engineering school, which is something I'm interested in studying. They were ACC champs so they proved that they can win.

McNeil currently holds 4.1 g.p.a./1,100 SAT.

Comments: Not only is McNeil a very talented cornerback, but he is also quality character guy. He is the type player you root for regardless of where he chooses to go to school. Raeshon has had an opportunity to get to know the coaches at Virginia, so they have a slight lead at his time. It's early so the Irish have time to make up ground. Hopefully for Irish fans, coach Weis can convince him to make a trip to South Bend. Top Stories