Is Ryan Nearing a Decision?

Cleveland, Ohio defensive end John Ryan hit the road late last week to visit his two favorite schools, Boston College and Notre Dame. The 6-5, 230-pound Ryan was hoping to learn more about both schools and make a final decision on his school of choice. Ryan spoke with Irish Eyes on Sunday about his visits and where he's at in his decision process. Will Ryan be deciding soon?

"I loved both of my visits," said John Ryan of his visits to Boston College and Notre Dame. "I'm really nowhere farther along than when I left with my decision though. If anything it probably confused me more."

Boston College and their coaching staff made a solid and positive impression on Ryan over the weekend.

"I love the city of Boston," Ryan said. "I really love the coaches there. They're all great guys. Coach O'Brien is a real class act. It was a real nice visit."

The St. Ignatius high school star says he doesn't feel he knows enough about Notre Dame right now to make a decision.

"I think I'm going to try to do what I did with Boston College at Notre Dame--take a day or two to really spend time there," Ryan said. "The spring game was really hectic. I didn't really get a chance to see everything I wanted to see.

"I did meet with coach Weis, coach Ianello and the defensive end coach there. We talked for awhile and they just said they really hoped I chose Notre Dame.

"I'll probably go up there real soon when there is nothing going on so I can get a better idea on that. I want to meet the players and get their thoughts on the place.

"I haven't really met with the academic people yet. I'm sure I'll like that, it's Notre Dame, but I haven't really spent enough time getting to know the place so I'm going to schedule that soon."

We asked Ryan how soon he planned to visit Notre Dame again.

"I'd say really soon," he said. "They only have two weeks of school left."

Comments: It sounds like Ryan had much more time with the Boston College coaches and they did a good job of selling their program. The good news is he plans a return trip to Notre Dame. We still feel it's a close battle between both schools and Boston College put themselves in a better position with their visit. Can the Irish turn the tide? We'll check back with Ryan later this week to see when he plans to visit Notre Dame again. Top Stories