Stewart Hoping to Visit Notre Dame

At 6-5, 330 pounds, Chris Stewart is physically ready to play college football now. What is even more impressive is that Stewart speaks Spanish and sports 4.9 GPA. Irish Eyes spoke with Stewart about his interest in Notre Dame and his future plans with regards to recruiting. Do the Irish have a shot at Stewart?

"I like their national prestige," said Christopher Stewart of Notre Dame. "It's not been there the last few years, but they're going to come back. They are also a good academic school, and with Charlie Weis as the head coach, you know they are going to turn it around."

. Living in Texas has also allowed Stewart to be exposed to some Mexican culture, and that's something he plans to explore in his studies in college.

"I want to major in international business and minor in Spanish," said Stewart. "I've been taking Spanish for the last four years and I really love everything about the culture and the people."

With academics at high priority, Notre Dame is at the top of his list. Although he has never been to Notre Dame, having family in Indiana my allow him to see the Notre Dame campus this summer.

"It's a prime possibility," said Stewart about possibly leaving Texas for school. "I can see that. I have family in Indiana, actually in Indianapolis, and I can see myself possibly leaving Texas."

"I'd like to," said Stewart about whether or not he plans on visiting Notre Dame over the summer. "I'm not sure on camps, and I haven't made any plans yet, but I would really like to visit Notre Dame. One of my sisters went up there for a track meet. She said it was gorgeous."

Stewart has visited Texas A&M, Texas, and LSU. All three, along with Notre Dame and a host of others, interest Stewart.

"Notre Dame sends me mail that basically lets me know that they are still interested in me," said Stewart. "I've been to Texas A&M, Texas and LSU so far, but I really don't have a top five right now. It's just too early."

College coaches are already visiting Stewart's high school and Stewart says it's been hectic at school lately.

"It started two days ago," said Stewart about the number of coaches that have been to his high school to watch him practice. "Since then there has been about 10 or 12 of them. Notre Dame hasn't stopped by yet, but I am looking forward to having them come It would be nice to put a face on coach Wise and coach Haywood, he's the one recruiting me."

Comments: For Notre Dame to have chance at landing Stewart it is going to be vital for them to get Stewart to visit this summer. Doing so will allow him to see the campus and learn more about the academics at Notre Dame. One side note, Stewart mentioned that his parents are confident that he will make the best decision for him. They know that he is not going to pick a school for the best parties. Rather, they know he will select a college on the coaches, academics, and the people there. This should benefit ND. Top Stories