McCoy Waiting to Meet Irish Coaches

Notre Dame has had some good defensive lineman over the last several years, but they have lacked a guy that simply dominates the middle of the offensive line. They just haven't had that NFL first-round type of guy. Is Gerald McCoy that type of defensive player? Has the Irish coaching staff been in contact with McCoy?

By the time the 2006 recruiting class gets to campus, the Irish roster will only have five defensive tackles on the roster (Derek Landri, Trevor Laws, Brandon Nicolas, Patrick Kuntz, Derrell Hand) with Derek Landri being in his final year of eligibility. That means that the Irish need players that are capable of getting on the field as soon as they step on campus.

Gerald McCoy might be the type of guy Notre Dame needs. McCoy is a 6-5,285-pound defensive tackle from Southeast high school (Oklahoma City, Okla.) and he is starting to get a lot of interest from college recruiters.

"I have offers from OU, Oklahoma State, Miami, LSU, USC, Kansas State, Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa St.," said McCoy. "I don't have one from Notre Dame -- yet. I think they are close to offering though."

Does he have any interest in playing for Notre Dame?

"Oh yes! I've always kinda liked them," responded McCoy. "Not sure the reason, but I like the tradition and the school is known for winning."

"I really didn't watch anyone growing up," he added. "As I started getting older, I pulled for OU and Oklahoma State."

His first offer came from the Sooners back in November. With Norman being so close to his home and the Sooner football program being one of the best in country, why didn't McCoy accept the scholarship immediately?

"I've seen other guys commit early, and then see them get other offers and opportunities," McCoy explained. "I didn't want that to happen to me. Don't get me wrong, OU is still there, but I need to see what else is out there. I want a chance to meet and talk to other coaches. I'm just going to keep working hard and keep my options open."

McCoy hasn't had an opportunity to speak with the new Irish coaching staff, so I asked him what he knew about them.

"To be perfectly honest I don't know anything about them," he responded. "They spoke with my coaches and said that they were going to come visit me."

Does Gerald have a list of eight or ten schools that stand out to him?

"I don't have a top five or top ten, but if I did, Notre Dame would be there for sure," he replied.

Once he narrows his list down, what in particular will he be looking for in a school?

"Academics, coaching, winning tradition, overall program, position openings," he replied. "I don't want to go to a place that has 15 or 16 guys at my position, where I'll have to wait for playing time."

McCoy reports a 3.5 g.p.a.

Comments: Notre Dame has only offered a couple defensive tackles to date. That will likely change when the coaches visit McCoy. It will be very difficult to wrestle him out from underneath the shadow of Norman, but Irish do have a chance. We'll follow up with McCoy shortly after the Irish coaches visit. Top Stories