McNeil Has Busy Week

Mocksville, N.C. defensive back Raeshon McNeil has been a busy guy lately with the May evaluation period. A number of coaches have either stopped by Davie County high school to inquire about the 6-0, 175-pound corner prospect, or have called him on the phone recently. Has McNeil spoken with Notre Dame yet?

Corner Raeshon McNeil says the month is just heating up for him.

"Wake (Forrest), Virginia, Clemson, Tennessee, Notre Dame and South Carolina have already been here," McNeil said of the schools that have stopped by his school. "(North) Carolina is coming in a few days. My coach said a lot of schools will be stopping by soon."

McNeil has also received a few phone calls already as well.

"Virginia, Clemson, Duke and South Carolina have called me already," he added.

McNeil says he's spoken recently with Notre Dame defensive backs coach Bill Lewis about their interest in this top prospect.

"I spoke with coach Lewis for awhile," he said. "He just answered some of my questions for me. He said coach Weis would be coming down on the 17th to see me so I was excited to hear about that."

The Mocksville, N.C. native says the Irish are still very high on his list.

"I'm still really excited about them," he said of Notre Dame. "Coach Lewis assured me that he'd wait as long as it took for me to decide, and that I'd have a spot at Notre Dame if I wanted to come.

"That was really good to know because you don't want to lose your spot. It made me feel real good to know that they'd wait for me."

Right now McNeil holds five official offers, but we expect that number to increase very soon.

"Notre Dame, Duke, Virginia, Wake (Forrest) and (North) Carolina have offered me," McNeil said. "I think Clemson will offer me real soon. South Carolina is really interested and I think they'll offer soon as well. I'm not sure what Tennessee is going to do. They may offer, but I'm not sure if it will be soon or not."

The last time we spoke with McNeil he said he was planning on trying to take some unofficial visits to some schools over the summer.

"My coach and I are trying to find some cheap flights up to Notre Dame," McNeil said. I really want to get up there and take a look. I hope to do that before (June) 11. I'm going to visit Virginia on the 11th. Those are the only two things I'm trying to schedule right now."

McNeil also planned to make an early decision the last time we spoke with him. We asked him if his plans had changed.

"I had planned to make it before school started," he explained. "I'm not sure I'll do that now. When coach Lewis told me that he'd wait for my decision, that kind of gives me time to make my decision. I didn't want to lose a spot at Notre Dame, but now it looks like I won't. I'll probably take some visits now—we'll see."

Comments: The Irish still look good for McNeil. We do believe Virginia will be the main competition for the Irish as of now. McNeil did say he'd like to leave the state for school so that is another good sign. We'll check back some time after the 17th to see how the Weis visit went. Top Stories