The Deep 20 With Zach Frazer

Some recruiting interviews lack depth and substance, but not "The Deep 20." Irish Eyes fired an assortment of questions at future Notre Dame quarterback Zach Frazer in a recent conversation with the Mechanicsburg (Pa.) high school star. Read how the gunslinger handled the pressure.

IE: How's the foot?

Frazer: "It's fifth metatarsal that's broken. I'll have a cast on it for two more weeks. I've had one on it for a week already. Everything is going fine with it. It's not really a set back."

IE: How did it happen?

Frazer: "It happened at the Nike combine. I was running the shuttle and I guess I got a stress fracture. It's really a hairline fracture, so it's nothing big. But it is in cast so it doesn't break farther."

IE: Any previous injuries, or is this your first one?

Frazer: "I injured my finger before, but that is completely healed. I heal pretty well."

IE: What are you doing now, despite the injury?

Frazer: " Now I am just lifting. I'd be running usually, throwing do the receivers, and doing drops, now it's just lifting. I've been doing some cardio though. We have a machine that I can still work on my cardio. It's sort-of like a reverse bike, but you use your hands instead of your legs. I've been using that."

IE: Irish fans know about your athletic accomplishments, but what about academics? What is your favorite subject(s)?

Frazer: "I like Latin. Most schools don't teach it, I really enjoy it. We have a really great teacher at my school that keeps me interested. Most people think it's dead, but when you look around, like I the newspaper or something, you realize that many words have Latin roots. I really like math as well. I'm in trigonometry and pre calculus now. It's not two separate classes, it's just one class."

IE: Does your interest in math mean that you are going to major in business when you go to college?

Frazer: "I'll probably major in business, but I'm not sure yet. At Notre Dame all freshmen come in undeclared and do that first year program. After that first year I'll narrow it down and decide."

IE: Any other college interests?

"Frazer: "I really like industrial drawing. At school we have a mechanical drawing class that I really enjoyed."

IE: How did you feel at the combine, even though you were hurt?

Frazer: "Since I was injured, I had to watch. I hate watching."

IE: Were there any players that stood out to you at the combine, specifically at the wide receiver position?

Frazer: "I heard that there was a wide out name Britt that was very impressive. There are a lot of people there that catch your eye. Britt caught the ball with hands every time, he didn't drop, and he adjusted to the ball well."

IE: Talk about Notre Dame recruiting.

Frazer: "I'm basically an active recruiter. I look around at all the talent at the combines and try to make other people commit to Notre Dame. You basically become one of the coaches. It's sort of like recruiting your class. You can tell who the better players are at a combine. You can easily separate the people that have been working hard and the people that haven't."

IE: Did you speak to James Aldridge about coming to Notre Dame?

Frazer: "I talked to James the day before he committed. I'm looking forward to working with him. We were just joking around on the phone, and he said, ‘Hey, I think I am going to commit to Notre Dame tomorrow.' When Charlie found out that I new James was going to commit before he did, he really busted my chops."

IE: What was your contact with James beforehand?

Frazer: "I sent him an e-mail. He called me back, but he called my dad's cell phone. I then called him."

IE: How do you feel about James committing to Notre Dame?

Frazer: "It's great to see other people realize what Notre Dame is going to become. I hope to inspire more people to come.

IE: What other players have you spoke to about Notre Dame?

Frazer: "The two other players in my area, the defensive tackle, Jason Kates and the defensive end, Jared Odrick. I met them at combine, and I see them all the time (at those events). They are top prospects. I don't really say you need to come to Notre Dame. I just meet them and see how things are going. They bring committing up to me. They ask me questions like, "What made you go there? What were your feelings? How did you know?"

IE: What did you tell them about committed to a school and why you committed?

Frazer: "To tell you the truth, it just stuck out from the rest. You can't describe it, you just know. It's like you know it's your second home."

IE: How do you feel about another quarterback coming in with you in this recruiting class?

Frazer: "I talked to Charlie about it. It doesn't really bother me. Charlie has already told me that I am their No. 1 guy. If he's taking another quarterback, it probably won't be the same style as me. He is probably looking for a scrambler. But there will be competition, so I don't mind."

IE: How did it feel to be told by Coach Weis that you are his No. 1 guy?

Frazer: "He said that I was his number one guy and he had to have me. Just to hear that from that type of guy, and know that he would be coaching you is great.

IE: Has Coach Weis stopped by your high school now that the May evaluation period has started?

Frazer: "He stopped by last week, actually on Tuesday, just to say hi. We just caught up with things."

IE: Has recruiting died down at all?

Frazer: "Recruiting hasn't really dies down. Since committing I received four more offers from Iowa, Tennessee, Rutgers, and North Carolina. I still receive a ton of mail everyday."

IE: How do you handle these other colleges since you are committed to Notre Dame?

Frazer: "I appreciate everything and respect the colleges and the coaches, but I just tell them that that's where I'm going." Top Stories