Kates Top Irish Target

Notre Dame is in need of a big body that can clog the middle of the defensive line. One of their top priorities is Bishop McDevitt high school's (Harrisburg, Pa.) star defensive tackle Jason Kates. Where do the Irish stand with Kates? What schools have stopped by to see him this month?

With LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Ricker, Aaron Berry and Tucker Baumbach at Bishop McDevitt high school, most college recruiters can knock off four or five birds with one stone. When Notre Dame coaches visit the Pennsylvania powerhouse, they have one man in mind – Jason Kates.

"Coach Weis and coach Latina stopped by on Tuesday," said Kates. "I didn't talk to them because of the (NCAA) rules, but they did talk to my coach."

What did his coach tell him the Irish coaches discussed with him?

"That's probably something I'm not going to say," responded Kates. "I think that's something they'd like to keep between us. They did say that I was one of their top guys though."

Besides the Notre Dame coaches, what other schools have stopped by since Monday?

"Oh man, Minnesota, Michigan Tennessee, USC," Kates replied. "Man there have been tons, I'm not even sure of all of them."

"USC was interesting," he added. "I think the coach was T-Mac. I didn't expect them to stop by. He had on his ring on -- it was nice."

"Coach Weis had his Super Bowl ring on too -- real nice, real nice."

We asked Kates what he's been up to recently.

"We just started spring practice," he said. "We don't wear pads, but we go full speed.

"We're working on agility and drills and then get together as a team," Kates continued. "I basically work on the offensive side because when I'm on defense, nobody can block me during practice."

Kates still says he has plans to make an unofficial visit to Notre Dame during the summer.

Comments: Kates was the first defensive lineman offered, and I believe he was the first defensive lineman the Irish coaches visited in May. That is an indication that the Irish staff has him very high on their list. Jason didn't get into the details of the conversations the Irish coaches had with his coach, but I got the impression that Kates liked what he heard. Kates probably won't decide anytime soon, but I do believe that they are in very good shape.

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