Recruiting Heating Up for Chicago's Finest

Morgan Park high school (Chicago, Ill.) has had a flood of college recruiters visit the football office since the start of the May recruiting period. The main attraction is star quarterback Demetrius Jones and his offer list is growing by the day. Are the additional offers complicating his decision? When will that decision come?

Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis made a visit to see quarterback Demetrius Jones on the first day he was on the road for the May recruiting period, and despite the commitment of Zach Frazer, Jones' interest in the Irish hasn't wavered.

"I love competition," said Jones. "If Notre Dame is where I end up, I'll look forward to competing against Zach Frazer. I'm confident in my ability.

"The main thing that I want to do is find a school where I feel comfortable," continued Jones. "I might find a place that fits my personality, but it might not fit me academically. Then I might find a place that fits me academically, but doesn't fit my personality.

In the last several weeks Jones has seen his list of scholarship offers grow with the addition of schools like Tennessee, Ohio State, Louisville, MSU and Oregon. Have the additional offers clouded his decision process?

"It won't be difficult finding the right school," explained Jones. "That will just come to me eventually. The hard part will be telling the coaches that I have developed strong relationships with that I won't be playing for them.

"Part of me actually wants to pick more than one school, but obviously I can't do that."

Demetrius said that he doesn't feel rushed into making a decision.

"I'd like to have a decision by the end of summer," he said. "I might have one tomorrow, it might be next month, it might be February 1st. I'm not sure, but I'd like to have a decision by the end of the summer."

At one time Jones had Notre Dame and Illinois as clear leaders, is that still the case?

"Yeah," he replied. "But I am still considering Oregon, Boston College, Michigan, Northwestern and Tennessee"

"Really I'm in a win-win situation. I have a lot of options and I don't think I could go wrong with any decision that I made."

Jones will be attending the Adidas camp on May 28th at Notre Dame. Other than that, he will participate in a couple seven-on-seven camps with his high school team.

Comment: There were rumors a week ago that Jones had committed to Notre Dame, but he denied that he had done so. It is likely that he will make a decision within the next several weeks. I do think his decision will come down to Notre Dame and Illinois. Top Stories