Brown Adds Two Offers

After an electrifying combine in Ann Arbor, Columbus high school (Ind.) athlete Steven Brown received two big offers when Michigan and Notre Dame tossed their hat in the ring early this week. What did Brown think of the offers? What connections does Brown have to Notre Dame?

Going up to Ann Arbor, Steve Brown was hoping to turn some heads. Reports early Monday said that Steven he had done just that when he received offers from Notre Dame and Michigan.

"Yeah, they both offered," said Brown.

"I went to Michigan Friday night before camp to see the campus and meet the coaches," Brown explained. "Coach Carr said that they wanted to see me play defensive back, because they really didn't have any film on me.

"After they saw me at the combine they said they were going to offer me, so I called coach Carr and he said that they had an offer for me.

After the call to the Michigan coaches, Brown wasn't quite done.

"The speed coach at the combine was from the New England Patriots," explained Brown. "He was talking to coach Weis and said that I was the best player at that camp. He said that I had the best feet of anyone at the camp and that I had plenty of room to grow.

"Coach Weis told the speed coach that he was going to be sending me an offer," continued Brown. "And then yesterday Coach Minter called my coach and told him that an offer was in the mail.

"I saw Pat Kuntz, he said that he spoke with coach Minter, so he congratulated me on my offer."

There have been reports that Michigan, Purdue and Notre Dame were Brown's top teams.

"I guess you could say that," Brown responded. "If I had to list a couple teams, it would be those teams, but I'm still considering a lot of schools.

Brown had been waiting on the Irish and Wolverines to offer, so I asked if he were satisfied with his current list of offers.

"I'd still like to get one from Florida," Brown replied. "I liked them when I was little."

Brown is very good friends with Irish recruit A.J. Edds. They grew up playing football together and they have discussed playing college football.

"When we were younger the coaches always put us on opposite teams because we were the best players," Brown explained. "So we've always talked about playing together."

"It's funny, we never really expected this to happen, but now that it is – it's really cool."

Comment: Brown has several potential connections with Notre Dame. He knows future Irish defensive tackle, Pat Kuntz. He's been speaking with current Irish commitment James Aldridge. He knows Irish recruits A.J. Edds and Luke Schmidt. We rarely see "package deals" materialize, but these relationships should be kept in mind. Brown was still planning on speaking with coach Weis, so Irish Eyes will follow up with him. Top Stories