Odrick Getting Defensive

The May evaluation period is in full swing and the Notre Dame coaching staff has been out in full force. A popular stop this spring for all college recruiters is Pennsylvania's Lebanon high school, which is home to Jared Odrick. Have the Irish stopped in to see this talented prospect?

"Yeah they have," replied Odrick. "Coach Latina stopped in and talked to my coach. He (Latina) followed all the (NCAA) rules, so I didn't get a chance to talk to him.

Although Jared Odrick didn't get a chance to speak directly with Latina, he has talked to him on a number of occasions.

"Coach Latina has talked about how they want me to come to experience the Notre Dame campus," said Odrick. "They want me to come up for an unofficial visit and then they hope that I take an official visit later.

Odrick had talked about taking some unofficial visits in the past is that still the plan?

"Yeah, I'll do it at the beginning of summer," said Odrick. "I'll sit down with my family and plan that soon."

"Yeah," he replied when asked if Notre Dame would be one of his stops.

"They told me straight up that they were looking at me for offensive line and now they want me for defensive end."

Hold on, defensive end? Odrick is considered one of the top offensive tackle prospects in the country, and now the Irish want him at defensive end?

"Yeah, a lot of people are now recruiting me as a defensive end," said Odrick. "

"They (Notre Dame coaches) were up at the Elite combine and I had a pretty good combine. I ran a 4.38 shuttle."

Jared had to repeat his shuttle time a couple times for me because I wasn't sure I had heard him correctly. Sure enough, he did say 4.38. That's a shuttle time run by running backs and safeties, not players 6-6, 285 pounds. My next thought was that he got a break from the timer; so I asked him what he ran at the Penn State Nike combine.

"I ran a 4.41 at Penn State," he responded.

"A lot of people are now recruiting me as a defensive end," he continued. "They are saying either left tackle or defensive end. Some schools are just recruiting at whatever, and they will figure out where I'll play once I get there."

The flood of mail is still coming in for Jared, and he is now up to 29 official offers. Although Notre Dame is extremely interested in Odrick, they are one offer that he does not have.

"Coach Latina said that they needed some addition grades," explained Odrick. "Not A, B or C, like a grade, but I need to complete some classes. Once I get that I'll forward my transcript to Notre Dame."

Comments: Jared's performance at the combines has solidified him as one of the top linemen prospects in the country. It's still very early in the recruiting process, but it's a good sign that he plans on visiting South Bend this summer. After that, hopefully the Irish get one of his official visits. The additional information that Notre Dame is requesting from Jared sounds like it's more like the additional core classes that Notre Dame requires.

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