Dunford's Deep 20: Barry Gallup

Round three brought future Notre Dame wide receiver Barry Gallup in to the Dunford's Deep 20 fold. Gallup answered questions about why he chose Notre Dame over Boston College, what other wide receivers he'd like to see at Notre Dame, and how he developed the calf muscles his doctor thought he'd never be able to grow.

Wide receiver Barry Gallup danced his way through the Deep 20.

Dunford: Why Notre Dame over Boston College? Tell Notre Dame fans what the difference was.

Gallup: Well, I can't really say I chose ND over BC. I think I was in a different situation because my father is at BC. But at the same time I wanted to commit to Notre Dame. After I made my decision my family and I talked about it and that perhaps it was best for me not to go to BC and to get away. My father is the athletic director of football operations at BC. Plus, he played there, set all types of receiving records, and coached there for roughly twenty years, and perhaps it would be best to get out of his shadow. But, in the same sense, it came down to me and the fact that I liked the tradition, prestige and experience at Notre Dame.

Dunford: This time last year was Notre Dame even an option for you?

Gallup: Oh no, not at all. Being where I am, in a real small private school outside of Boston, it's hard to get noticed. My Dad told me that with my decision to go here, this small school, I would have to promote myself. Coach Ianello first noticed me at the Nike Camp when he was at Wisconsin. I guess he really liked me and began recruiting me when he went to Notre Dame. I sent fifteen tapes out various schools to see if any schools liked it. I guess Coach Weis did because he called and said that he was offering me a scholarship. It was always a dream of mine to go there, but I didn't know how realistic is really was.

Dunford: What have you learned from your father since he is in the college athletic business?

Gallup: That's what has probably gotten me to the highest level that I am right now. He was a coach at Northeastern for awhile, so I got to hold his headset and see the games. I also work out with the BC players in the summer. I have realized that a lot of work goes into it playing football. It's not just what most people see on Saturday afternoon.

Dunford: I saw in your film that you were wearing the #21 jersey. Is that the number you want to wear at Notre Dame?

Gallup: Yeah, that's the number I'm going to wear at Notre Dame. They have already promised me that in writing. It was my brother's number, and it's important for me to wear it. I'm really excited for that.

Dunford: What can Notre Dame expect from you at the wide receiver position?

Gallup: I think a lot of guys that get recruited to a school like Notre Dame test really well, and I think I do those things really well too, but I think I have a different type of athletic ability. Being a small wide receiver, people think I can't do everything, but I feel like I can go against anybody and be successful because I've gone against some of the BC cornerbacks. I think they will be presently surprised when I get to Notre Dame.

Dunford: There have been a lot of great quarterbacks to come out of Notre Dame. Who would you most like to receive a pass from?

Gallup: Joe Montana, I'm actually wearing his jersey right now.

Dunford: What subject do you get the most out of at school?

Gallup: I would have to say Latin. I go to a real prestigious school and I have been taken Latin for five years. I am in the AP class right now and was actually studying for AP exam when you called earlier. I understand a lot more about the English language because of the Latin roots. Then it's math. I like math as well.

Dunford: What is your favorite place on the Notre Dame campus? Why?

Gallup: Touchdown Jesus. Hopefully I'll get used to be being in that end zone.

Dunford: What are your hobbies? Besides for football, what activities are you involved in at school?

Gallup: I'm class president so I'm pretty involved with student council. I've been playing classical piano for eleven years, and that is something I really enjoy. I have a class every week. I really enjoy it. It's also helps strengthen my fingertips for football.

Dunford: Finish this sentence. The one thing many people don't know about me is …

Gallup: Well, there is a bunch of things, but I guess I'll say piano for now, but I'll think about it some more. I'm also lifeguard, so maybe that. But then again, I was born with club feet. I had to wear special casts and braces when I was younger. The doctors actually told me that I wouldn't be able to run, or have a fully developed calf-muscle.

Dunford: What is your relationship to Zach Frazer like?

Gallup: We talk a little bit. Hopefully, we can talk a little bit more and get together. We are trying to get a time together to meet, perhaps in the summer. We are both really excited. We talk about other recruits and getting players to come to Notre Dame.

Dunford: Who would be on your all-Notre Dame team?

Gallup: Tim Brown, Joe Montana, Jerome Bettis, The Rocket

Dunford: What wide receivers would you like to see come to Notre Dame besides for yourself?

Gallup: I want the best wide receivers in the country to come. That kid from Florida. I think his name is (Richard) Jackson. That kid from Washington, Taylor Mays. Then there is Marques Wilkins--I've heard real good things about him. This person is not a wide receiver, but I'd like to see John Ryan come to Notre Dame. I'm pulling for him, while my father is pulling for BC. But I'm trying to work some angles on him.

Dunford: What are your summer plans?

Gallup: During the week I'll lift from 7-11. Then I am going to lifeguard at local pool. My QB lives right in town, so I guess I'll be working with him. Some of the recruits are planning on getting together to do some one-on-ones.

Dunford: Are you going to Notre Dame's Camp?

Gallup: For some reason, some other recruits are not going. But what we are all trying to do is set up a date where we all meet at Notre dame for a visit.

Dunford: Has coach Weis been to your school recently?

Gallup: He actually came on Friday, May 6. It was funny, everybody else at my school got to talk to him accept me.

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