Alexander is a Top Prospect

Notre Dame fans hope the Irish coaching staff can sign a couple dominating defensive tackles in the 2006 recruiting class. Landing South Carolina prospect Ben Alexander (6-1, 288 pounds) would go a long way toward satisfying Notre Dame's needs, but the Irish will have plenty of competition along the way.

When you watch Ben Alexander's film, it's difficult not to wonder what type of damage he could do playing next to Trevor Laws. It's no wonder Alexander has coaches from some of the top programs in the country stopping in to visit with his coach during the May recruiting period.

"Going good. It's going real well," responded Alexander when asked how his recruitment was progressing. "I was hoping for all these schools to recruit me, but I didn't really expect it."

What colleges have stopped in to seem him in May?

"Virginia Tech, Clemson, LSU, Notre Dame, Auburn, Texas, Tennessee" replied Alexander.

There were a bunch more, and Ben could have gone on for much longer, but I was curious to get his impression of Notre Dame's head coach, Charlie Weis.

"I actually talked to him for the first time when they offered me," said Alexander. "I was in my coach's office."

"He (Weis) seems like a really good guy. He's confident and tells you like it is," said Alexander. "He isn't going to feed you a bunch of crap.

"I think he's going to be a real good coach from his NFL career."

Most of the schools that Alexander is considering are from the southeast, but he isn't going to limit his choices. Besides Notre Dame, some of the schools further away that he is taking a serious look at are Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio St, and Stanford.

"I guess a lot of schools that are recruiting me are from this area, but I'm going to the place that makes me feel more comfortable," said Alexander.

"I actually grew up in Ohio," said Alexander. "I was born in Georgia, moved to Ohio when I was three. We lived there for nine years and then moved here."

What are Alexander's plans for the summer?

"I'm going to Texas for the first week of June, it's a speed and explosion camp," replied Alexander.

"I'm making plans to visit some schools this summer. I haven't decided which schools I'll visit, but I'll probably go to seven schools," he added.

Comments: If Alexander was ever a secret, he isn't any longer. Every college recruiter is descending on his high school hoping to get a leg up in the recruiting race. In an earlier interview with Irish Eyes, Ben said he grew up a Notre Dame fan. The Irish would be very fortunate to be able to lure Alexander to South Bend. Hopefully Notre Dame is on the list of schools he decides to visit this summer. Top Stories