Double Dose of Irish For Moore

The search for talented athletes that can play cornerback continues as the Fighting Irish staff recently found themselves at Midwest City high school (Oklahoma City, Okla.) talking to the coach of athlete Laron Moore.

A recruit can generally gauge the interest of a school if they call or visit his school during the month of May. Laron Moore recently discovered just how interested the Notre Dame staff is.

"They were at my school twice this month," Moore explained. "Coach Haywood visited on a Thursday and then he sent me a letter saying that he would be back with the head coach.

"Then on Wednesday he came back down with coach Weis," Moore said.

"He (Weis) had his Super Bowl ring on."

May is generally one of the busiest recruiting months of the year, which makes a second visit to a recruit rare. What type of impression did this make on Moore?

"Oh, I was very excited about that, it shows me that they are very interested in me," Moore said.

Since coaches can't speak directly to prospect, I asked Laron what coach Weis and coach Haywood said to his head coach.

"They said that they were very interested in me," Moore responded. "They weren't sure if I'd play wide receiver or cornerback. Coach Weis asked my coach if anyone was recruiting me at quarterback, because he thought he could use me there in short yardage situations."

"They also said that they'd like me to come to their camp," he continued. "But they said I didn't have to come in order to get an offer; they felt good about what I could do without me going to camp."

Does he plan on attending Notre Dame's camp?

"I'm going to try to make it," responded Moore. "I still need to talk to my mom and see what my plans are. I want to go to the camps of all the top schools that are interested."

"Oklahoma, LSU, Louisville, Oklahoma State and Notre Dame," he added when asked which schools he was thinking about visiting for camps. "Tennessee too; they have been showing a lot of interest lately."

Moore reports a 3.85 g.p.a. and a 23 ACT.

Comments: It appears that Notre Dame is very interested in Laron. The Irish have already offered George West, who is a very similar player, so I'm not surprised that they haven't also offered Moore; it might not be long though. Notre Dame might have made a very big move as Laron seemed very impressed with the Irish coaching staff. Top Stories