Bailey Misses Irish Coaches

Curtis Bailey is a mountain of a man at 6-7, 350 pounds. He's also one of Texas' top high school linemen and the college recruiters are taking notice. Irish Eyes caught up with Bailey to find out how his recruitment was progressing.

What colleges have been to your school since the beginning of the May recruiting period?

"(Texas) A&M, Texas, Florida, Central Florida, Washington State, Arkansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Miami. There are more schools than that."

What schools interest you the most?

"Oklahoma (offer), Nebraska (Offer), Oklahoma State (offer), Notre Dame, USC, Texas, Texas A&M," Bailey said.

Is Bailey still interested in playing for Notre Dame?

"Yeah I am," replied Bailey.

Have they been recruiting you very hard?

"Yes they have," he said. "They haven't offered me though.

"They did come by my school on the (May) 11th, but I was out with a virus. My coaches told me they stopped by."

Have you spoken to any of the Notre Dame coaches?

"No I haven't," he said. "I would, but I really don't have a number to call.

"I'm just waiting for an offer from Notre Dame to see if they're interested in me."

What do you like about Notre Dame?

"I like their football team and their academics," Bailey answered. "You have to be smart to go there. Anybody and everybody can't get in. I like that it's a private school and there aren't that many kids. I like a smaller school."

Is distance going to factor into your decision?

"I want to leave the state," Bailey responded. "I want to experience more things. I've been here for 17-18 years; I at least want to experience something different for four or five years."

What position are colleges recruiting you to play?

"Schools are recruiting me to play left tackle," he said. "I could play inside if needed, but I've always played tackle. I'm good in space."

Comments: It sounds like Notre Dame is very much in the race for Bailey. Everyone knows the offensive line is a priority for the Irish, so expect the Irish staff to aggressively recruit Bailey if he's considered one of their top linemen. Top Stories