Smith Up to 23 Offers

Getting top players out of the state of Georgia has never been an easy task for any Notre Dame coach. The talent in Georgia usually likes to stay in Georgia, but Notre Dame has had some luck stealing some top prospects in the past. The state is again loaded and one of the top prospects is linebacker Toryan Smith. The Irish have offered Smith and he's interested in Notre Dame.

Rome, Ga. linebacker prospect Toryan Smith has seen plenty of coaches come and go through the doors of his high school this month.

"I have 23 offers right now," said Smith when asked how recruiting has been going. "I've got offers from schools all over.

"Coach Meyer and coach Weis just came through last week. I've had assistant coaches from all over come by the school. UCLA, Washington, Georgia, Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina—those are just a few of the recent coaches. I've had coaches from most of the top schools in the country come by."

Usually the top players in Georgia don't have much interest in leaving the state or the area, but Smith seems to be entertaining the idea. He's already taken one unofficial visit to Notre Dame and plans to take an official visit as well.

"Notre Dame has a nice campus," Smith said of the Irish. "They had really nice people there when I was there. It's got good surroundings. I could see it as a potential home for me."

Smith also has spoken a number of times with Irish head coach Charlie Weis.

"I've spoken to him a couple of times," Smith said of Weis. "He's a good guy. He knows what he's doing and I think he's can get me where I want to go.

"He told me I'm his No. 1 defensive recruit because he needs a guy like me who can come in and start. I liked hearing that."

Smith says he plan to go through the recruiting process before making his decision.

"I'm going to take all five of my visits," Smith said. "I'm not sure if I'll wait all the way until signing day though.

"I'm looking for a team that can compete for a National Championship. I'll also look at the coaching style and the academics of the school."

Smith says he also plans to make some more visits in the future.

"I think I'm going to Texas in a few weeks," Smith said. "I'm going to go to a bunch of games when the season starts. I'll probably go to one every week. I think I'm going to take my official visit to Notre Dame for the Notre Dame-USC game."

Comments: Surprisingly the Irish have a real shot at Smith. He seems very interested in Notre Dame and very much aware of their coaching staff and plans for the future. Smith also indicated that he might have a leader at this point, but he said he wanted to keep that to himself at this time. The Irish should be in the race for Smith's signature this February. Top Stories