Irish Making a Run at Parris

St. Ignatius high school (Cleveland, Ohio) looks like it will be a very popular stop for the Notre Dame coaching staff. Not only are the Irish focusing on Wildcat defensive end John Ryan, but now the Irish staff has tabbed Rob Parris (6-4, 185-pound) as one of their main recruiting targets at wide receiver.

With 40 receptions for 900 yards and 13 touchdowns last season, it is difficult for the Notre Dame staff to ignore Rob Parris. What type of interest does he have in playing football in South Bend?

"My interest level is incredibly high," said Parris. "I have to get an offer, but they are one of two or three schools that I want to go to. I don't have an offer so we'll have to see.

"I went down to their junior day (April 2nd), that's when I knew they were interested in me and when I really got into their program."

Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis and wide receiver coach Rob Ianello recently stopped by St. Ignatius to see Parris.

"They talked to my coach and wanted to see me run," explained Parris. "My coach said they were tempted to offer, but they'd like me to come to camp and put it all together with a man on me. They want to see me go one-on-one against someone.

"My coach said if I go over there and do my thing, then there will be an offer for me."

Does Parris plan to attend the Irish football camp?

"I'm definitely going to their camp. It's the only way I'll get an offer," he replied.

"Coaches don't think I run fast, and that has turned a number of schools away," he continued. "I have long strides so it doesn't look like I'm fast on film. There have been a lot of schools that have wanted to see me run."

Coach Ianello is recruiting him so I asked Rob what his impression was of the Irish wide receiver coach.

"I like him a lot. He reminds me a lot of myself. He'll tell you face to face if you need to improve on something. He seems like a hands-on type of coach.

What was his impression of Charlie Weis?

"Straight shooter – I like that," he said. "He tells you what he wants, so there isn't much chance you can get that wrong. He doesn't b.s. I like that about him. He seems like a loyal coach and a guy that will back you up."

Other than Notre Dame, what schools interest Rob the most at this point?

"Boston College (Offer), Michigan, and Iowa (Offer)," he replied. "I'm going to take a trip (unofficial) to Boston College and Iowa myself.

"Michigan is like Notre Dame; they want to see me at camp so I'm going to their camp."

Parris reports a 3.7 GPA and will take his SAT for the first in June.

Comment: Watching Parris' film it's hard not to compare him to Irish wide receiver Jeff Samardzija. Parris is tall and athletic. He has very good body control and appears to make a lot of difficult catches. I liked Rob's attitude about getting to camp in order to earn an offer. If Notre Dame does offer, they will have a very good chance to land this talented receiver. Top Stories