Taylor Made to be Irish?

Washington Redskin safety Sean Taylor is an enforcer and a playmaker. He is a player that can change the way an offense game-plans. That's the type of athlete and football player someone is going to get with Seattle (Wash.) athlete Taylor Mays. He has speed and size that is attracting recruiters from Miami to Southern Cal and everywhere in between.

Notre Dame is one of those schools that has made its way to the Bishop O'Dea's high school this month to get a look at super athlete Taylor Mays.

"Coach Weis and coach Oliver came by my school today and then they came to my track practice," said Mays

"My dad called them when they were at my practice," he continued. "He spoke to both coaches, but he hasn't said what they talked about."

Has Mays had a chance to speak with any of the Notre Dame coaches?

"I've talked to coach Weis two or three times," he replied. "I like him. He seems like a real fiery guy.

"Coach Oliver seems like a real nice guy as well, and I've talked to coach Lewis."

Is coach Weis the type of coach he would like to play for?

"I would say so," Mays answered.

California, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, USC, and Washington have been the main group of schools that Taylor has been considering, has that changed?

"That's a solid list, but it's subject to change," he replied. "That would be the main group, but I would say I'm still considering everyone."

Are there any schools from outside that group that have caught your attention?

"I've talked to the Georgia coaches a lot, Tennessee, Florida State and I've talked to the Miami coaches. Those are some other schools that I'm really considering.

"I'm still trying to decide if I went to go to school like Notre Dame, would it make that much of a difference to me between flying there and flying to Miami? They're both long trips, so would that couple extra hours make a big difference.

Mays stopped counting the number of scholarship offers a long time ago. He is certainly one of the most heavily recruited athletes in the nation which means he talks to an endless number of coaches. How can he sort through all the different messages and conversations to help him narrow down his list of schools?

"I listen to all the coaches and I compare that to what the other coaches say," Mays said. "I listen to see what they are telling me and see if it all makes sense."

"I also look at their depth chart," he added.

"I like what the Notre Dame coaches say when I talk to them.

"Notre Dame shows me the most interest right now," Mays continued. "Just in terms of what they say when I talk to them on the phone; through e-mail and letters that I get from the coaches."

Taylor and his parents are still planning on visiting Michigan and Notre Dame in late June.

Comments: Taylor is definitely a Notre Dame kid, but he'll be a solid asset to any program and university. He said that his favorites change depending on the day and which coaches he speaks with. The visit this summer will be very important to Notre Dame. I believe the Irish are a strong contender in this race. He is certainly a priority for them.

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