Irish After Johnson

Fort Campbell, Ky. linebacker Micah Johnson is one of the more intriguing prospects in the country. Watching Johnson on film, one will likely wonder how a guy that size can move that well. Johnson has plenty of offers and the Irish also appear to very interested in this 6-2, 270-pound wrecking ball. Is Johnson interested in Notre Dame?

Irish Eyes fans have known the name Micah Johnson for quite some time, but it appeared the Irish weren't actively recruiting this top prospect. That has changed recently according to Johnson.

"Yes sir, they came by my school," Johnson said of Notre Dame. "They talked to my coach. They told him a lot of the same stuff they told me on the phone."

What did they tell Micah on the phone?

"They offered me a scholarship and told me how excited they were about me," Johnson said. "They said they were very impressed with my film."

Was this a verbal offer of in writing?

"It was verbal," said Johnson. "They said the offer in writing would be coming real soon."

Was Johnson surprised by his Irish offer?

"To some extent," he said. "It kind of came out of nowhere."

Does he have an interest in Notre Dame?

"Yes sir," Johnson said. "I think what most interests me is their tradition and their great academics.

The Notre Dame offer is just one of many for Johnson as he's trying to narrow down his list of top schools.

"I think I have 30 or 31 offers right now," Johnson said. "I don't really have any favorites. I probably like 11 or 12 schools the most, but I wouldn't want to leave anyone out by naming them now.

"I'm probably going to take some unofficial visits this summer. I'll kind of narrow down my list towards the end of summer and take my five official visits.

"I'll probably decide sometime shortly after my official visits. I don't think I'll drag it out."

Comments: We'd heard that the Irish were starting to recruit Johnson heavily and he confirmed it. There is no question he's quite an athlete and has the offers to prove it. We'll check back soon to see if the written offer comes soon for Johnson. Top Stories