Barrie Gets Irish Visit

Tampa, Fla. offensive lineman Jim Barrie is considered one of the best players in the talent-rich state of Florida. The 6-5, 305-pound Barrie has received attention from schools across the country including Notre Dame. Is Barrie interested in the Irish?

Offensive lineman Jim Barrie has certainly caught the attention of college recruiters during the month of May.

"I have 19 offers right now," said Barrie. "Oklahoma, Nebraska, Auburn, Florida State, South Carolina, Pittsburgh, Clemson—those are just some of them."

The Irish have yet to throw their hat in the ring, but that might not be for long.

"They came by and saw me," said Barrie of the Irish coaches. "They said they were definitely interested. They came by and saw my tape and they said they would take it back to their offensive line coach to review and then they'd get back to me."

Is Barrie interested in Notre Dame?

"I'm definitely interested," he said. "They have a very rich tradition and their academics are impressive. Coach Weis is a doing a great job there so far."

Growing up in Florida, one knows that Barrie grew up a fan of one of the big three most likely.

"I actually grew up a Florida fan," said Barrie when asked which of the three Florida teams he was a fan of. "They haven't offered me yet. We'll see what happens. They're very interested, so is Miami."

Next on the schedule for Barrie is some unofficial visits.

"I'm going to go see a bunch of schools over the summer," said Barrie. "I already went to Nebraska and I loved it there.

"I don't really have a schedule set yet. Oklahoma, Duke, Clemson, South Carolina, Florida State—those are some of the schools I'm thinking about visiting."

We asked Barrie if he had a time table for when he might make his decision.

"It's possible that I could make an early decision," said Barrie. "I'll know more after I see some schools this summer. I'll see if I can make one then. I really don't know what I'm going to do yet."

Does Barrie have any favorites at this point?

"I'm pretty wide open right now," Barrie said. "I really like Nebraska a lot. Florida, Oklahoma, Auburn, FSU—I like a lot of schools right now."

Comments: Barrie seemed open to Notre Dame if they offered him. That might very well be a possibility in the near future. We'll check back with this top player in a few weeks to see if Notre Dame has jumped into the race for Barrie's signature. Top Stories