McCoy Open to All

When you start picking the top defensive line prospects in the nation, Gerald McCoy of Southeast high school (Oklahoma City, Okla.) better be on your list. McCoy had a wave of college recruiters visit him during the month of May and his list of scholarship offers warrant that he be mentioned among the nation's elite defensive linemen.

Notre Dame has had some success recruiting the best from state of Oklahoma. Tony and Reggie Brooks both cemented themselves in Irish lore carrying the football for Lou Holtz. Jerry Wisne, Andy Wisne, Sean Mahan, and Jason Beckstrom all made their mark after playing their high school football at Jenks high school. In 1999 the Irish inked Oklahoma Defensive Player of the Year, Justin Thomas.

This year Gerald McCoy (6-5, 285-pound) has caught the attention of the Irish coaching staff and they recently made a trip to visit McCoy

"Coach Weis, he came to my school," said McCoy. "He didn't talk to me, but he came to my school. He came with coach Haywood I believe.

"They just let me know how important the decision is that I'm about to make and why Notre Dame is the school I should come to. They have a 99% graduation rate; they talked about how the team is going to be, and how good the tradition is. They talked it up pretty good.

"He (Weis) thought I was a player that could come in a play early because I'm a real dominant player on the field and solid off the field," McCoy added.

Last time I spoke with McCoy in late April, he didn't have an offer from Notre Dame.

"I think they offered me the next day after we got off the phone," explained McCoy. "I was real happy. Everyone knows about the Irish, so I was real excited."

"Oh yes sir, definitely," McCoy responded when asked if Charlie Weis was the type of coach he'd enjoy playing for. "He has a great personality; he's real energetic, real upfront. He's real with you -- I like that."

In addition to the Notre Dame offer, Gerald currently has scholarship offers from Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Miami, LSU, USC, Kansas State, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa St. Tennessee, Colorado, and Nebraska.

"I still don't have a top five or ten, I'm open to everyone right now" said McCoy. "I'm starting to get there, but I'm not there yet. I'll sit down soon (to narrow his list)."

"I'll make a decision after my football season," he added.

McCoy reports a 3.5, and he has a qualifying ACT score, but he will retake the ACT next weekend.

Comments: The list of schools that have offered McCoy pretty much tells you everything you need to know. Miami, USC and Tennessee don't travel to Oklahoma to recruit a player unless he is special. McCoy is a top target for the Irish staff. This will be a difficult recruiting battle for Notre Dame to win, but one that Notre Dame has won in the past. Top Stories