West Impressed with Irish

The first time we spoke with Oklahoma City, Okla. athlete George West he had just started receiving interest from a number of top schools. Since then, West has landed nine more offers and a number of other top schools have started to recruit him. We spoke with the 5-10, 185-pound two-way player to find out about his busy month of May. Where do the Irish stand with West?

Two-way player George West has landed a number of offers since the last time we spoke with him.

"I have 11 offers right now," said West. "Some of them I'm not really interested in, but Notre Dame, Texas Tech, Colorado State, Northwestern, Baylor, SMU, Kansas State and Iowa State are the schools that have offered me that I'm interested in right now.

"Schools like Michigan, LSU and Georgia have recently been writing me letters so I'm interested in them as well."

West originally told us he had planned to attend some camps this summer. That plan has changed according to the Northeast high school star.

"I've decided that I'm just going to visit the schools that have already offered me this summer," West explained. "Since they've offered, I don't really need to go to camp. We're going to go to check out some of the schools and get a feel for them.

"I've talked to my parents and I'm pretty sure I'm going to visit Notre Dame this summer and Texas Tech as well. I'm pretty sure I'll visit some others, but those are the two I've spoken to my parents about so far."

The Irish coaching staff appears to have made a positive impression on West.

"Coach Weis and coach Haywood both came to my school," West said when asked about Notre Dame. "They talked to my coach. I didn't get to speak to them. They told my coach what they've been telling me. They let me know there is no rush and they wanted me to be comfortable with my decision. I heard it went really well when they were at my school."

West says he's already developed a good relationship with Irish offensive coordinator Mike Haywood.

"I talk to him on a weekly basis," West said of Haywood. "I've talked to coach Weis at least three times. Sometimes I'll talk to both of them at the same time. I really like both of them.

"They really stress that they want me to feel comfortable making my decision and that I need to make the right decision for me."

Will West make an early decision?

"I've been thinking about that," West said when asked the question. "I might do that. I might play baseball with a pretty prestigious summer league team here. If I do that, I'll probably make a decision sometime before my season. I'm not sure if I'm going to play with them yet. I might end up making an early decision. I'll have to see if I can get to all the schools I want to see and how I feel after visiting them."

Comments: The Irish appear to be in good shape with West. He said he'll likely decide when he'll stop by Notre Dame soon so we'll check back with him in a few weeks. West is being recruited as a wide receiver by Notre Dame, but he could also play defensive back as well.

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