Frazer Still Planning on Competing For Elite 11

Irish fans are well aware that quarterback Zach Frazer has been recuperating from a broken foot. However, a lot of Irish fans want to know if Frazer will get a chance to compete in the prestigious Elite 11 quarterback camp held later this summer. We spoke with Frazer on Tuesday evening to find out.

Nobody wants the chance to compete in the Elite 11 camp more than current Notre Dame commitment Zach Frazer. Frazer says it's looking likely he'll get a chance to do just that.

"I've thrown for a good three weeks," said Frazer when asked if he's been working his way back into shape after suffering a broken foot at an earlier Nike camp. "I've just been throwing the ball around, not really taking drops. This is probably the first week that I've been taking a couple of drops.

"I still can't roll out or can't run, but in a few more weeks I should be able to run. I just gradually put weight on it. I'm in rehab right now and it's going great. I'm healing up really fast."

During our very first conversation with Frazer the Mechanicsburg, Pa. native indicated that his goal for the summer was to be invited the Elite 11 camp. Frazer went to showcase his talent at Nike camp and suffered the broken foot before he could compete.

"Yeah it was pretty frustrating going to the Nike camp and doing all the running tests, which I improved a lot on, I did really good on that, and not getting a chance to throw," Frazer said. "It's one of those things that you work so hard for, and then competition day you don't get to compete. I had a broken foot. I really couldn't do much about it.

"I think the only thing that got me frustrated was the crutches. Other than that, I adapted pretty well to it."

We asked Frazer if he will get the chance to compete in the Elite 11 challenge.

"I'll be in it, trust me," Frazer said. "I've been working hard since last year. It's something that's an accomplishment for me so I want to do it."

The top quarterback prospect says he'll have to travel across the country to get an invitation, however.

"I plan to go to Las Vegas and compete there and get a spot," he said. "They want me to come out there and throw and then I'll have a chance to be invited."

"I'm going to the camp in Las Vegas on the 25th. That's the last one so I figured that would give me enough time for my foot to heal."

We also asked Frazer if he'll be cleared by his doctor to compete in the Las Vegas Nike camp.

"I have an appointment coming up next week and that's when he's gong to clear me for everything," Frazer explained. "He told me at my last appointment that everything was looking great and he didn't expect any problems. I'd like to start running next week and gradually work my way up for the 25th."

Frazer said he'd let me know as soon as he found out if he's been cleared to participate. We'll make sure we fill you in as soon as we know. Top Stories