Hartline Going Camping

Mike Hartline of Glenoak high school (Canton, Ohio) is one of the top-rated quarterbacks in the Midwest, but he's missing a few scholarship offers that he'd like to have. Now that college football camps have started, Hartline is going to attend various campuses in order to earn those offers.

Mike Hartline (6-5 180 pounds) has been to the Notre Dame campus on a couple occasions, does he plan to make it to their football camp this month?

"Yes definitely," replied Hartline. "June 22nd I'm heading up to Michigan; then on that Saturday, June 25th I'm going to Ohio State. After that, on the 27th, I'm headed up to Wisconsin, and then on the 28th I'm coming back to Notre Dame.

"I'm still getting mail from them (Notre Dame) letting me know how everything is going, telling me about their new quarterback coach, Peter Vaas.

"They wanted to just make sure I was coming up for a day," continued Hartline. "Sometimes I've called them to talk to them -- nothing big. It's a nice relationship with them. I love the atmosphere up there, I love coach Weis. I love what he's doing with the program and I can't wait for my camp date.

"Coach Weis is an outstanding guy. He's cool and so smart. He's going to turn the program around so quick--I know that--either this year or next year. I can't wait for that to happen. It's going to be incredible to see what he does."

With the May recruiting period coming to an end I asked Mike if the Irish staff had stopped in to see him.

"Coach Ianello recruits in my area. He came up and talked to my coaches," answered Hartline. "I ran into him. I couldn't say much more than ‘hi'. He came out and watched my track practice one day. We have a good relationship. He's obviously a great coach being on the staff that coach Weis put together. He's just a nice, calm guy. He doesn't put much pressure on you when he talks. He wants to see your views on things, what you like, what you want to do in college. He says that they are really interested in me at Notre Dame and that it's a great place to be."

With Notre Dame already having a commitment from Zach Frazer, I asked Mike what the Notre Dame coaches have said about the quarterback situation in the 2006 recruiting class.

"They really haven't said much except that they want to take two," Hartline responded. "I know with Zach it a win-win situation. I've met him a couple times he's a great guy. I know they'll be really happy with him and anyone else that they take. Other than that they really haven't said much--just that they're taking two and you're going to have to come out and compete. You're going to have to do that anywhere. It's really an honor being recruited by them."

Currently Mike has offers from Kentucky, Michigan State, Illinois, Ole Miss, Marshall, and Kent State. If he were to earn scholarship offers from Michigan, Notre Dame and Ohio State, where would he go to school?

"To tell you the truth right now it's really close between them," he said "If I had to choose right now I couldn't. I'd have to wait until August or September just to figure the whole situation out; probably around then is when I'll make my choice.

Comments: Mike has a great attitude. He is just going to go out and compete and not worry about anything else. He likes Notre Dame and coach Weis a great deal. If the Irish offer at camp, they would have a very good shot at landing him. His brother Brian, a wide receiver who signed with Ohio State last year, could play into his decision if the Buckeyes offered. They would likely be difficult to beat if they offered.

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