Film Review: John Ryan

If you like intense football players, players that go full throttle at all times, then you are going to like John Ryan. The St. Ignatius product was a big catch for the Irish.

There is nothing about John Ryan's game to complain about. He has the tools to be a great college football player. Let's take a closer look at what makes Ryan a great player.

Intensity - Make no mistake; Ryan is at full-go on every play. He made a habit of being disruptive not only playing defense, but also going after the punter and the place kicker. Ryan can even make open field tackles against a punt returner. Bottom line, Ryan goes after anything in his path. He has the type of intensity needed to play along the defensive line at Notre Dame.

Technique - It's not hard to see that Ryan has been coached up at St. Ignatius, which is one of America's top football programs. Ryan's learning curve once at Notre Dame will not be nearly as great as almost any other defensive linemen that signs with the Irish. Very few high school programs have even remotely the coaching acumen that St. Ignatius staff has.

His hands are probably the most impressive. Ryan deflects passes, knocks offensive linemen off balance, allowing him penetration into the backfield, and once he reaches the ball carrier he does not allow them to slip away.

And of course, like with any other player, Ryan has a good first step. His feet are always in motion and he is much quicker than most players his size.

Strength - For a player that is roughly 250 pounds, Ryan plays much bigger. He could eventually weigh 280+ pounds after a few years in Notre Dame's strength and conditioning program, but already has a great bull rush using pure strength. This should enable Ryan to play earlier in his career compared to most young college defensive linemen.

SMITTY'S TAKE - I absolutely loved watching Ryan's film. He is a Jim Flanigan (1990-1993) clone, who Notre Dame fans will thoroughly enjoy.

Look for Ryan to make an impact by the end of his sophomore year at Notre Dame. Top Stories