Change of Plans for Edds

It's been an incredibly busy spring and early summer for Greenwood high school (Ind.) linebacker A.J. Edds, and things are still moving at a rapid pace. He's received several new offers and he has one more camp to attend before he calls it quits this summer.

A.J. Edds is a fantastic athlete that could play several positions at the college level. Notre Dame is recruiting him at linebacker, but they have yet to offer him a scholarship even though Edds has made several trips to the Notre Dame campus. Last time we spoke to A.J. he had made plans to attend the Notre Dame football camp on June 25.

"I actually am not going because they (Notre Dame) have their camp the same day as Ohio State," Edds explained. "At this point the correspondence from Notre Dame and the coaching staff, to me, is virtually nonexistent. I get something once every couple weeks that that they send out in bulk, so it's kind of sent the message that there isn't much interest there. That's all right with me because I realize that not every staff is going to want the same guys.

"Ohio State, on the other hand, the coach that's recruiting me sends me something hand-written a couple times a week, so being that the camps are on the same date it's making me lean more to going to Ohio State than Notre Dame at this point.

"If there would have been more correspondence from their (Notre Dame) staff, things might have been different, but I never really got that signal that they were really that interested in me.

"They might have guys for various reasons in positions higher than me. That's understandable. I'm not going to be a guy that every school wants, just like I'm not going to want to go to every school. But you'd think with Notre Dame, and the two commitments out of Indiana, that they have a pretty firm hold on Indiana, so you'd think that there would be that level of correspondence and the level of attention would be higher.

"Like I said, different schools have different approaches, so that's where were at," he added.

In the past Edds had mentioned that he was going to a number of other camps, so I asked how they went.

"I went to Georgia Tech and Iowa and I got offers from both of them when I was at their camps," Edds replied.

"Iowa and Purdue are pretty high, they're probably my top two, and then Georgia Tech is a close third. Everyone else would then be right there," Edds said

"If I were to take my official visits, and if I only had time for three, it would be Iowa, Purdue and (Georgia) Tech at this point."

Comments: There will be some disappointed Notre Dame fans, as a number of them were hoping to see A.J. come from camp with an offer, but it doesn't appear that Notre Dame is going pursue A.J. as heavily as other linebacker prospects. It would have been great if he had made it to the Notre Dame camp so he could have performed in front of the coaches, but it appears that he is heading for Columbus that day. Top Stories