Maclin Has Options

St Louis has always produced top football talent, but this year is a really strong year for the St. Louis area. One of the area's best is Jeremy Maclin of Kirkwood High School. Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa and Missouri are all in pursuit among others. Where do the Irish stand?

When you reel in over 1,200 yards worth of receptions during your junior season, college coaches will take notice, and in a hurry. Say hello to Jeremy Maclin, St. Louis, Mo., (Kirkwood). The 6-0, 160-pound, wide receiver prospect has already impressed a number of top programs.

Although Maclin is far from a college decision, he has started to take in a few college camps.

"I already went to some (camps)," Maclin said when asked if he would go to any college camps this summer. "I went to Iowa's on the fourth (of June), and Illinois. I am going to Missouri's camp this Saturday."

Will Maclin be attending any other camps this summer?

"I'm not sure," said Maclin. "I might go to Colorado's (camp). I was going to go to Notre Dame's camp, but now I can't make it. I'm going to have to reschedule a visit there."

Maclin has a long list of suitors and several offers have already come his way.

"I have offers from Missouri, Illinois, Michigan State, Iowa, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Indiana, Northwestern, Kansas, Texas Tech…," he said.

Maclin has a self-reported 3.2 GPA and scored an 18 the first time he took the ACT. He is awaiting his latest test results, however. He would like to major in accounting.

SMITT'S TAKE - Maclin was not overly concerned about recruiting at this juncture. He is just taking everything in and examining all of the information presented to him. There is a long, long way to go in his recruitment.

Everyone will know if Notre Dame is a real player for his services if and when he takes an unofficial visit to South Bend this summer. Top Stories