Kendricks Camping at Notre Dame

Notre Dame hasn't recruited a lot of players from Milwaukee, but King high school standout Lance Kendricks is a name Irish fans will want to get to know.

Notre Dame will be losing three of it's top receivers next season, Rhema McKnight, Maurice Stovall and Matt Shelton, and with the loss of Chris Vaughn this year, there will be immediate opportunities for wide receivers in this recruiting to play in 2006. What type of interest does Lance Kendricks (6-4, 205-pound) have in playing for the Irish?

"They're pretty high up there. Notre Dame's been recruiting me since January," replied Kendricks when asked about his interest in Notre Dame. "I've been to a junior day, the one in February. I'd say they're pretty high.

"I'm going to their camp on Saturday. They told me that coach Weis wants to see me catch the ball a few times to make sure I'm good enough to offer.

"Then I'm going to Wisconsin the following Monday. I'm trying to go to Michigan State, but I haven't scheduled a date yet.

"Iowa is recruiting me pretty hard too. I wasn't able to make it to their camp so I'm trying to work something out to get over there.

"Wisconsin (offer), LSU (offer), Arkansas (offer), Notre Dame, Iowa and Michigan State are probably my main schools. Maybe Miami, they sent me some stuff.

"I'd like to stay in the Midwest, but if the school is good enough, I'll go away."

The Irish staff just finished a busy month of May on the road visiting prospects from across the country, so I asked Lance if Notre Dame made an appearance at his high school.

"Yeah coach Ianello came up," answered Kendricks. "He's the one I've been talking to most. My dad knows him from the Wisconsin camps. It helps (Notre Dame) since I've known coach Ianello, there's better communication and a better relationship.

"Ianello said they've watched my tape, they saw good things, but they want to see more catching," Kendricks continued. "He's already seen me, everyone else hasn't, so before they offer they want it to be a plus from all the coaches, and they all want to see me catch. So he (Ianello) said just come out here and show them that I can catch and that I'm a good player and they'll offer."

Comments: Notre Dame certainly needs wide receivers in this class, and Kendricks is a prospect that has really started to come on over the last several weeks. He said that he's fairly confident that he will show the coaches what they want to see at camp, and that he will leave with an Irish offer. Top Stories