Bradford Narrows List

At some point and time every recruit must narrow his list of prospective colleges. And it has to start some place, no matter how small the first cut may be.

Allen Bradford, LB, 5-11, 223-pounds, Colton, Calif. certainly has a list of offers that would make just about any recruit's head spin. With local schools such as Southern California and UCLA in the mix along with out of state schools such as Ohio State and Georgia also on the radar, Bradford has plenty of options to choose from.

"I've narrowed it down to fifteen (schools)," Bradford said.

And the list includes?

"Notre Dame, Washington, Southern California, UCLA, California, Nebraska, Louisiana State, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arizona, Oregon and Georgia," Bradford commented.

Bradford is not going out to several camps like many of nation's top recruits. Instead, he is going to work out with his teammates in preparation for his senior season. Bradford is a team captain and he feels that it is important that he is around for his teammates all summer long.

So what about recruiting? Will Bradford leave California or stay close to home?

"I'd love to stay close to home, but if there's a school that's far away that's best for me that's where I'll go," Bradford said.

As for Bradford's college position, he seems to have a good idea.

"I probably see myself as a linebacker or a strong safety," he said.

SMITTY'S TAKE - Bradford is a really down-to-earth young man. He could fit in at practically any school across the country.

For Notre Dame it will likely be a tough sell like it is with most California recruits. As always, the key will be landing an official visit from Bradford and see what happens from there. Top Stories