Film Review: Toryan Smith

There simply is not anything to dislike about Toryan Smith when watching him on film. He's quick and powerful, and flattens ball carriers. One lucky team is going to land a great football player when Smith signs his letter of intent

Certain football players jump off the screen at you. Some players have one specific trait they excel at. Toryan Smith simply does not have a glaring weakness, and certainly has several strengths. He has room for improvement at this stage of his development, but not a whole lot.

power - In what I would consider to be one of the most impressive defensive plays I've ever witnessed, Smith runs right through a big TE on a screen play and in the same movement also tackles the wide receiver who was about yard behind the tight end. That my friends, is power. Few linebackers at the college level are capable of that.

Instinct - Smith has a knack for the ball. A sure way to tell if a linebacker is capable of playing at the college level is the ability to play the pass. Few linebackers have that ability, and even fewer inside linebackers. Smith is an exception. He is adept at reading the quarterback and either intercepting the pass or knocking it down. That's a very good sign for Smith's long-term future, as the NFL really looks for linebackers with coverage skills.

But what is most important for the short term is Smith's ability to shed blocks and read where a running play is going. It was obvious that Smith has received good coaching to date, but his instinct helps separate him from most linebackers. Whether it is side-stepping an offensive lineman, or powering through a block to make the tackle, Smith takes care of business.

Quickness - Smith has good speed for his size, but his quickness stands out more than anything else, and that cannot be overstated. Playing so close to the line of scrimmage a linebacker must be able to adjust his body in a moments notice. He often times beats the offensive lineman to the spot and tackles the ball carrier. That is impressive.

Crunch - When Smith explodes into a ball carrier you know it. He demolishes the opponent. And he does it time and time again. Smith is the type of player that will intimidate the opposition just by his mere presence on the football field.

SMITTY'S TAKE - Smith is one of the best linebacker recruits I have ever watched on film. He has the ability to be a special player once he reaches the college level. If you have the chance to see him play, do so. It will be well worth your time.

The caveat might be that Smith is sometimes too aggressive, if that's possible. But that will come with proper teaching and repetitions, and I am being extremely picky. Top Stories