Green Camping at Notre Dame

The Notre Dame staff is working hard to reestablish a recruiting presence in the Chicago area. Kevin Green of North Chicago High School (North Chicago, Ill.) is one Chicago area player that the Irish staff has stayed in communication with since Green's initial visit to South Bend for a February junior day.

Kevin Green, a 6-2, 200-pound linebacker had planned a return trip to South Bend to attend the Notre Dame football camp on June 25th, but Green had a last minute change in plans.

"I called the Notre Dame coaches and told them I wasn't going to be able to go, because I had something to do with my team on the 25th," explained Green. "I told them I'd be able to go the 27th or 28th instead, so I'll probably to end up going on the 28th.

"They really want me to come to camp and see how I play," Kevin continued. "They say that I'm a good kid and they like how I play. They want to see me go through some drills in front of the linebacker coach."

Recruiting coordinator and wide receiver coach Rob Ianello is very familiar with the Chicago area from his days at Wisconsin, so it wasn't a surprise to see him as the coach in charge of recruiting this Chicago area prospect.

"Yeah, I've been talking to coach Ianello," said Green. "I try to talk to him every week or every two weeks. He's cool; I like him, he's a good guy."

Even though it's early in the recruiting process, Kevin has already narrowed his potential destinations down to four.

"Iowa (offer), Purdue (offer), Notre Dame and Georgia Tech," said Green about his favorites. "Iowa and Purdue lead, but if Notre Dame offered they'd jump up there.

Comments: You can never have enough Chicago area players on the Notre Dame roster, and I like that Kevin is eager to get to South Bend to workout in front of the Irish coaches. Will he return home with an offer? We'll follow up soon to see how Kevin performed at camp. Top Stories