Mays Moves Irish Visit's No. 2 rated safety prospect in the country, Taylor Mays is one of the most heavily recruited players in the nation. The Seattle product had scheduled some unofficial visits to a few schools that he is interested in attending, but there was a last minute change in plans. What's next for this Sean Taylor clone?

In order for Taylor Mays to begin to narrow down his massive list of scholarship options, he was planning to take a Midwest swing to visit the Notre Dame and Michigan campuses.

"We had to push it back," explained Mays. "We were supposed to go in June, now I'll be there in July."

"I talked to coach Weis on Saturday," Mays continued. "He said that he's really interested and I'm ready to get up there and see him. He told me that he's going to be my guide on the visit.

California, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, USC, and Washington have been the schools most often associated with Mays, have any schools begun to separate themselves from the others?

"I'm pretty much in the same boat," Mays responded. "I just need to get out there and see Michigan and Notre Dame and that's when I'll know. It's hard for me to talk about schools when I haven't seen them. I wanted to go in June but that didn't work out.

Besides the group of schools previously mentioned, Taylor had considered adding some schools from the southeast like Georgia, Miami, and Tennessee.

"It's still something that I'm thinking about. I don't know how it's (distance) going to play into the decision, because it is a big factor," Mays said. "Something would really have to overrule the distance. That's something I'll just have to wait and see.

Comments: There has been a lot of discussion that has USC as clear leader for Mays, and that certainly could be true, but I doubt he'd take the time to schedule, and then reschedule a trip to Notre Dame and Michigan if they weren't also in the running. Top Stories