Parris Plans One More Trip

The Michigan and Notre Dame coaches told Robby Parris that if he attended their football camps and performed like he has throughout his high school career that he'd likely head home with scholarship offers. After impressing both coaching staffs and earning the offers, Parris has a decision to make: Notre Dame or Michigan?

After a hectic spring of recruiting trips and football camps, Robby Parris has one more trip planned before he makes his college decision.

"I'm going up to Michigan on July, 30th," said Parris. " I don't think I'll go to Notre Dame. I've been there twice already, once for a junior day and then for their camp. They (Notre Dame coaches) gave us a nice tour so I got to see the facilities, the school and everything I think that I needed to see.

Previously Robby had mentioned that he would like to make a decision prior to the beginning of his football season, so I asked him if that was still his intention.

"Yeah, after the Michigan trip I should have everything that I need to make decision," he responded. "If I have one before that I'll go ahead and commit, but the schools are 50-50 right now.

"I've talked to both schools," Parris explained. "The coaches have talked about what the schools have to offer, the playing options; the general recruiting stuff.

"It's so hard to differentiate between them, because they're both great options," he said. "I might come down to Johnny (Ryan) and playing time."

"If one draws me one way or another then I'll do something," he added. "Until then I'm just going to be focusing on my football team. We have seven on seven coming up soon, and with two-a-day practices starting in August."

Comments: A month ago Parris was hoping he'd be in the position that he finds himself now. The Irish offer a great opportunity for immediate playing time as well as his high school teammate and current Irish commitment John Ryan. Michigan will likely get the opportunity to make the last impression, and their coaching staff is one of the best recruiting staffs in the nation. Sit back and enjoy this race because this one should be a battle until the end. Top Stories