McCoy is a Long Way from a Decision

Few recruits will receive as much attention as Gerald McCoy does from college coaches. The Oklahoma product is hearing from schools across America. Trying to narrow his list of schools all the way down to the lucky winner will not be easy.

Usually nice people have a hard time saying no. While no one will accuse Gerald McCoy, DT, 6-4, 290-pounds, Oklahoma City, Okla., (Southeast) of being anything but nice, he is going to have to learn to use the word no quite a bit over the next several months.

"I'm just keeping my options open," McCoy answered when asked about schools he is taking a look at.

So which schools are going after McCoy?

"You mean who's coming the hardest," he asked? "All of the letters are hand written now. Uh, Texas sends stuff all the time. Man…there are so many…

"OU (Oklahoma), Tennessee, SC (Southern California), Miami, Texas Tech…Alabama…Kansas….I know I'm forgetting some; man. If it seems like I'm tired right now I am. I just got done working. Ok State (Oklahoma State), Notre Dame, Nebraska, LSU (Louisiana State)…how many is that?"

Ask anyone within the recruiting business where McCoy will likely end up and the answer will almost certainly be Oklahoma.

"Yeah, I hear that all the time," McCoy said of people just conceding he will attend Oklahoma. "I go some place and someone will walk up to me and say ‘aren't you the guy who is going to OU?'"

Of course Oklahoma City is roughly a 20 minute drive to Norman where the Oklahoma campus is located. It is only natural that people assume McCoy will choose the Sooners. So what will it take for another school to steal McCoy away from Oklahoma?

"It doesn't matter how good a program is. It doesn't matter how much they win…if it's not for me I'm not going there," he said point blank. "If there is a school out there that is a better fit for me than Oklahoma that's where I will go. I mean, why go to a school just because they win, and then get there and be unhappy? That would be stupid."

McCoy is not one of the top recruits in the nation by accident. He puts in the time and effort to improve his body and improve his game. So why did he drop down to 290 from 305?

"I decided a long time ago that this is what I wanted to do, so I dedicated myself to get better. I lost the weight to gain it back with muscle."

McCoy is obviously looking for that certain comfort level that most recruits talk about. Academics will also play a large part in obtaining that comfort level.

"Child care and development," McCoy said of what he would like to major in. "If a school does not have a major with that name I want major in something that would be the same."

While it is not every day that a 290 pound defensive tackle wants to major in anything that is related to children, McCoy was very sincere in his interest.

"I've just always had an interest in children."

SMITTY'S TAKE - McCoy is a lot of fun to speak with. He is out going and enjoys talking about just about anything. His personality is one that anybody could become accustomed to being around.

McCoy made it very clear that he is not in any sort of a rush to make a decision, but here is one last point to chew on. McCoy mentioned that Tennessee, Notre Dame, Miami, Southern California, Nebraska, Louisiana State and Oklahoma have all talked to him about setting up an official visit already. It is not uncommon for a couple of schools to do that, but seven national programs that have all won a national championship within the last 17 years says a lot. McCoy is truly an elite recruit. Top Stories