Franks Weighing his Options

It is hard to find top-notch cornerback recruits for any school, even the Louisiana State's and Florida State's of the world have to look far and near to find what they need. That's why Dominique Franks can take his time to decide. He has several offers already, with more likely headed his way. Do the Irish have a shot at Franks?

It's not often that a recruit from Oklahoma wants to leave home for college, but that is what is likely to happen with Dominique Franks, CB, 6-0, 175-pounds, Tulsa, Okla., (Union), and for an unusual reason.

"Man, she wants me to leave," Franks said excitedly when asked if his mom would like him to stay closer to home.

Franks likes the idea, too.

"I want to venture out," he said.

Franks did not want to name a top five, but instead mentioned that he wants to see which schools are going to offer "first" before he decides which schools to take official visits too. Kansas State, Nebraska, Iowa State, Tennessee, Arizona State and Texas A&M are just some of the schools that have already offered Franks a scholarship.

So which schools are recruiting Franks the hardest?

"Tennessee, Arizona State, all of them really," Franks said. "Tennessee probably though."

What about the home state Sooners?

"They are recruiting me. Sending lots of letters and stuff like that," he said.

One school that could end up with an advantage if they offer comes from down South, the Miami Hurricanes.

"Miami, that would be the team right there," Franks said when asked about which team he'd like an offer from.

Franks also has a fondness of several other schools as well, including Notre Dame.

"Yes, sir. I'm very interested in Notre Dame," said Franks when asked what he thought about the Irish. "I used to love watching Notre Dame games with my mom.

"I haven't spoken to any of the coaches at Notre Dame yet, but they do send me quite a bit of mail. I'd say Notre Dame sends me about one piece of mail a day."

Franks will need to raise his grades a bit to earn an offer from Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis. He currently has a self-reported core GPA of 2.5 or 2.6 with a 17 ACT. The earliest he will be able to retake the ACT will be this September. Franks would like to major in business management.

SMITTY'S TAKE - Franks was a blast to speak with. He's about as good-natured a young man as anyone will find. He really did not appear to be leaning any one direction, but a handful of schools have yet to offer that he likes, including Miami and Notre Dame. Miami may be the team to beat if they offer.

Hopefully Franks will retake his ACT and improve his score as well as raise his GPA a bit this fall. If he shows an interest in raising his academic profile just a little bit more, there is a good chance he would pass admissions and receive an offer from the Irish. Notre Dame appears really interested in Franks. Top Stories