Football Dominates Bradford's Thoughts

Sometimes a football recruit will lose track of what is directly ahead of him, his senior football season. Allen Bradford is not about to let that happen to him. His upcoming football season trumps recruiting, for now.

Football season is quickly approaching and Allen Bradford, LB, 5-11, 224-pounds, Colton, Calif. is ready.

"Fall practice? We've been practicing since we started spring practice," Bradford said excitedly of his team's preparation for the opening game. "We don't get our pads until August though."

When it comes to recruiting, Bradford has begun to narrow the his down a little bit, but there is a long way to go.

"I'm going to Nebraska on … Sep. 2."

Bradford said that he is not currently speaking to any other schools about official visit dates right now, but a couple of schools are like to receive official visits down the line.

"Oklahoma, Notre Dame…uh…I don't know what else."

Bradford was considering taking a few unofficial visits before summer is out, but do not look for that to happen now.

"Football season is right around the corner. I'm just focused on football right now. I'm not really worried about recruiting," Bradford said.

Bradford is being recruited really hard by UCLA right now. That could pay dividends for the Bruins later.

"UCLA sends me a lot of mail. A lot of it is hand written mail."

Eric Bienemy is the coach recruiting Bradford for the Bruins. He is considered to be one of the top recruiters out West.

SMITTY'S TAKE - Notre Dame is certainly in the mix for Bradford, but it has ground to make up. UCLA is in the driver's seat it appears, and it may be tough to top them. Bradford's family prefers that he stays closer to home so they can see him. Top Stories