Jones Set to Take More Unofficials

Chicago, Ill. quarterback Demetrius Jones has long said he hopes to make his final decision on his college choice before his senior season. With his senior season less than a month away, Jones plans to make a few more unofficial visits before deciding. Will Jones be visiting Notre Dame again in the near future?

Quarterback Demetrius Jones says he still plans to make his decision before his senior season.

"I'm hoping to make it before my season," said Jones when asked how his school choice was coming along. "My decision is going to be final. I don't want to decommit from a place because I think that reflects on your character. My word is my bond, so I want to make sure I'm 100 percent sure on my decision."

Jones said he was close to making his decision awhile ago.

"I thought I was ready on a school, but some things changed and that had me second-guessing that decision," he explained. "I want to be sure before I make my decision."

And which school was he close to pulling the trigger on?

"That will remain a question mark," he said with a laugh.

As of now, Jones says he plans to take in a few more unofficial visits before making his final decision.

"I'm going to go to Purdue, Tennessee and North Carolina in the next few weeks," Jones said. "I plan on going to all three.

"I also talked to Charlie Weis and he talked with my parents. I think my whole family is going to go to South Bend the last week in July to meet with him."

Jones seemed to be down to just Notre Dame and Illinois the last time we spoke with him, has he opened his recruitment back up?

"Not really, I still have about four or five teams I'm considering," he said.

And which teams would they be?

"In no order: Illinois, Purdue, Notre Dame Tennessee, North Carolina, Louisville...mainly those teams," Jones said.

Comments: Jones seems to be looking at options right now. I think we'll know what Jones will do sometime after his meeting with Weis. It appears the Irish have been waiting on Jones' decision before moving forward with other quarterbacks. Will they continue to wait for Jones? The Irish must really like Demtrius to continue to wait because they do want two quarterbacks in this class. Top Stories