Maclin Still Set to Decide Early

Kirkwood, Mo. wide receiver Jeremy Maclin has had a busy summer checking out college campuses. The last time we spoke with Maclin he mentioned he planned to take an unofficial to South Bend over the summer. Did Maclin check out Notre Dame? Are the Irish still recruiting him?

Wide receiver Jeremy Maclin has had a busy summer so far.

"I've been to Iowa, Illinois, Missouri and Oklahoma on unofficial visits this summer," Maclin said.

We asked the 6-0, 165-pound speedster if any of his unofficial visits stood out to him.

"Oklahoma definitely stood out," he said. "That kind of blew me away. They have everything there, and they know how to win there."

Maclin had said he planned to visit Notre Dame over the summer. Did he make the trip?

"I didn't make it," he said. "I'm still trying to see if I can make it up there."

Are the Irish recruiting him heavily at this point?

"I wouldn't say hard, but they send me stuff quite a bit," he said.

At this point Maclin says he still plans to make an early decision.

"I'll try to make my decision by the first couple of games of my season," Maclin said. "I want to get it out of the way. It's been kind of stressful. I'll probably be done by the first couple of games."

So where does the Irish stand at this point?

"I guess I'm kind of waiting to see how interested they are in me," he said. "I'm still interested in them."

Maclin said he's up to 11 offers now with Kansas, Texas Tech, Louisville, Oklahoma, Michigan State, Mississippi, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Northwestern and Colorado officially offering him.

Comments: The Irish don't appear to be recruiting Maclin heavily at this point. We'll check back to see if they do pick up the pace with him soon. Top Stories